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BLack Conservative Independent: The White Sheep of the Black Community

Kuuleme T. Stephens .

I am writing this little note in explanation of my views as an Black Conservative Independent. I get a lot of grief over my views on politics, welfare, and in life in general. I’m especially writing this for my Liberal Democrat friends and family. With any luck, reading this will help you to understand me a little more. Please note that I am not a professional writer!!!

I have only been called a “Nigger” twice in my lifetime. Once was as a child on the playground at school. I don’t really count that one because the 7-year-old that called me that didn’t understand the meaning of the word at the time. The second time, I was in my mid twenties and was in a bar brawl with a Caucasian female who thought she was tough and was trying to anger me more because she was loosing. That did the trick and it was quite a show considering I let my anger get the best of me and started acting like one!

People usually find this to be odd, but I’ve experienced more racism and hatred from my own Black Community then I ever have with any other community. I have been called an Uncle Tom, a Race Trader, a Sell Out, a Fake, a Wanna-Be-White-Bitch, an Aunt Jemima, a House Nigger, and so much more. I have been told that I am confused, that I’m a racist toward my own kind, that I am brainwashed, that I’m stupid, that I talk white, and that I need to “embrace my blackness”. Considering that my skin is a beautiful mocha brown, I do believe my blackness has embraced me!

To tell you the truth, I have a hard time understanding why I would be called all of these thing, but this is some of the reasons (excuses) that I have come up with.

-I speak proper English and don’t speak Ebonics, so I’m not Black enough.

-I went to college and didn’t drop out of school so I’m not Black enough.

-I’m not a famous sports player or rapper and didn’t give up on life when I didn’t become one, so I’m not Black enough.

-I work a job and don’t live off of welfare so I’m not Black enough.

-I don’t do any drugs, so I’m not Black enough.

-I don’t deal drugs and I’m not in a gang, so I’m not Black enough.

-I don’t have 2 or more “babies daddies”, so I’m not Black enough.

-I don’t keep having children so I can stay on welfare, so I am not Black enough.

-I don’t expect someone else to pay my way, so I’m not Black enough.

-I use common sense in everything I do, so I am not Black enough.

-I aspire to be something more that average and work hard to accomplish my goals, so I’m not Black enough.

-I don’t believe everything I am told and do research to establish my opinions, so I am not Black enough.

-I have a 4 bedroom 3 bath house in a nice neighborhood, so I’m not Black enough.

-I’m married to a Caucasian man and have a mixed race child, so I am not Black enough.

-I don’t blame every failure that I have in life on racism and learn from my mistakes, so I am not Black enough.

-I don’t pick my friends based on their race I pick them because we get along and I like them, so I’m not Black enough.

-I didn’t and will never vote for Obama

And the biggest one of them all…………..

-I pulled my head out of my behind, left the Democrat Party, and became an Independent.

Like most Black Americans, I was born into the Democrat Party. I say “born into” because you are literally a Democrat from birth. When you register, you register Democrat, and when you vote you always vote Democrat no matter what. You’re not expected to have an opinion or have a stance on any issues, just vote democrat and you’ll be fine. My Grandmother, who is still a Democrat Party ground pounder, took me to register as soon as I turned 18. I had the gall to ask, “What are these other parties about?”. She glared and told me”don’t worry about them, they are not for you and the Blacks”. So, I did what I was told.

When I went off to college, I decided that I would finish out my Freshman year and then enter the United States Navy. I have to admit, my eyes started opening once I got away from my family and my hometown of Tucson, Arizona. I started paying attention to politics and what was going on in the world because all of this stuff was now affecting me as an individual. The party that I had been born into started sounding more and more foreign and oppressive to me.

When I say foreign and oppressive, I mean I could no longer follow the Democrat Party blindly because I had too many questions about their way of doing things and their beliefs. I didn’t agree on their stance on stem cell research, I didn’t agree with the stance on abortion, and I definitely didn’t agree with the stance on the military and the war. I am a gun owner and fight to preserve the rights to own them. I also found myself disagreeing with the stance that we tax payers should be funding more welfare programs.

I didn’t want to be a part of keeping people dependent on the government, and that is what the Democrat Party does. I definitely don’t believe that you have to be a Democrat because you are Black. The reason I say that the Democrat Party is oppressive is because it teaches persons (especially minorities) that they can’t do any better for themselves and that relying on the government and its social programs is a way of life. How is anyone suppose to achieve anything in life if they’re too busy expecting the government and their socialist programs to take care of them?

Just so I am clear, I do know that people are going to need help from time to time. That was the original idea of the social programs, but now, it’s not a time to time thing. People are just plain lazy and at times, really don’t know any better because of the way they were raised. It’s called the dumbing down of society. I can’t stand knowing that my hard-earned tax dollars are paying for people who don’t want to work, that are bouncing from rehab to rehab, that are receiving more benefits than me (as a working person and tax payer) and have a drug habit. I even know people who have faked disabilities in order to not have to work. Why punish those who are working and paying taxes so that the ones who want to live off of others can live an easier lifestyle? I also believe we should have an express lane for death row. Democrats believe in killing of innocent babies, yet will protest to save the life of a death row inmate. I think that is kind of backwards, don’t you? I see no point in paying for someone ( a criminal of the worst kind) to live (in some cases better than others who have committed no crimes) when they’ve been sentenced to death.

My common sense views didn’t click with the Democrat Theology anymore, I became the White Sheep!

So here I am today taking flack for the way I think, talk, act, vote, and for my lifestyle, but to tell you the truth; they can keep calling me names and criticizing me! I love who I am and those who want to call me names and criticize me are only making me stronger and work harder! If you don’t like my views on Obama, then tell me one thing he’s done for you or the American people besides gracing us with his presence. If you don’t like my views on the Democrat Party (Originally the party of the Ku Klux Klan), then give me some intelligent reasons why you think it’s better than every other party, other than getting free stuff (nothing in this world is free, someone somewhere down the line is paying), calling me names, or saying I’m confused.

I love being an independent thinker. I love not being dependent on anyone or anything! I love not having to sit and wait on food stamps to come in once a month. I love being able to speak proper English because then people don’t think I’m ignorant and uneducated! I love that I stayed in school because it gave me the tools that I needed to get by in this life! I love being drug free because it helps me to see things clearly and able to function without hindrance. I love not being a drug dealer or gang banger, the only place that leads a person is to prison or the grave. A little secret for the thuggin’ gang bangers and drug dealers that think they’re so cool…. (Wearing your pants down to your knees is not sexy! It was started as a signal in the prison system by homosexuals in order to signal that they were available! Now don’t you feel stupid! Lol!!! If your going to wear it, promote it, and fly that flag, at the very least Know Your History!)

And thus, I become a Proud White Sheep of the Black Community! I think I will start a Club! LOL!!!

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