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Doing a Little Venting……


This posting is going to be an Opinion Post not one filled with links, videos, and charts as the ones I normally would post. The people needing to hear it most don’t even bother with facts they just spew opinions, so I thought I’d give it a try this time around!


The major complaints I keep hearing from other Blacks is that everything is racist, even though I think some have no idea what the term Racism is anymore.
They make such claims as:

–Blacks People can’t go to college, yet the dropout rate for the Black Community in High School is the second highest behind Hispanics. Never mind that they busy ditching school so they can be out running the streets with their hommies, ditching class to go do drugs and drink, or to busy having sex at 13 and end up pregnant. Those things don’t matter because they’re Black, right?!? It’s their skin color that makes them do things like this.

–Black People can’t get jobs, yet how do you obtain a job if you have no education, can’t pass a drug test, have a criminal record? No one wants to hire someone who can’t speak the English language well enough to communicate with customers and coworkers. No one wants to hire a person who can’t count or who they have to worry about stealing from them. I don’t know of anyone who wants to hire someone who comes in with their pants hanging down to their knees speaking Ebonics! You definitely are going to waltz in and get a job as a manager or CEO of a company if you don’t have any experience or even have the basics down.

–Black people say that White Cops are killing “innocent” Black folks on purpose, yet take no responsibility in one’s own actions for being looked at or picked up by the police in the first place. Even though they know what they are doing is ILLEGAL, it’s still all Whitey’s fault, right? Never mind that little Pookie (who is actually 22 but the pictures the media put out of him are 12 years old) may have a record a mile long for domestic violence, drugs, robbery, assault, sexual assault, or murder…. They’re innocent this time around right?!? Never mind that they have an illegal gun on their persons or are waving a fake air soft gun with the orange tip removed in order to scare total strangers, right?!? Never mind the pesky little fact that Blacks are killing each other at a higher rate living the “Thug Life” in gangs and selling drugs to each other! Never mind the fact that the Abortion rate in the Black Community is the highest in the US!

–Black people claim that they can’t get proper housing and they are forced to live in the ghetto, yet how do you going to pay for that housing if you don’t have a job? Then you have bills on top of that too! Not to mention if things don’t go their way, they end up tearing up their own community by looting and rioting! Sure… That will make business owners want to build their businesses there and hand out jobs! Then there’s the pesky little thing with burglary, robberies, drug dealing, gang activity, and violence that occurs in low-income neighborhoods more often than in upper class neighborhoods. That isn’t White Flight folks, that’s called Right Flight! It’s the wanting to be around people who want to keep the stuff they earned and worked hard for.

I find it amazing how Blacks will turn on other Blacks and call them every name in the book for doing the very things that they say they want to accomplish! It’s a catch 22 for Blacks, because if you don’t allow your skin color to hinder you and you make something of yourself, then you become a Sell Out, Uncle Tom, Aunt Jemima, Coon, a Race Traitor, a Sambo, and many other vulgar names they can think to call you. If you graduate college, speak proper English, don’t partake in drugs, work a good job, own a decent home, and wear decent clothing; then you are considered to be too White! That just doesn’t make any sense to me!

I’m wondering at what point in time does a Black person become “too White”….. Who decides all of this stuff and what qualifies one to be a Sell Out or Race Traitor etc… Can I get a manual or something on this? Who has this manual? Is it the Race Pimps and so-called Black Leaders Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? That would be funny, because I wasn’t invited to the meeting where this Black Leader Election took place, and I am still Black regardless of what ignorant folks would like to think.

In my opinion, the biggest Sell Outs in the Black Community are the ones who keep using their skin color as an excuse for personal failure. The biggest Sell Outs would be our own folks within our Black Community thinking that they are doomed to fail right from birth because of their skin color and passing that thinking down to their children. The Sell Outs would be the Black folks within our own community who keep their own people ignorant and feed them a bunch of BS just to make money off of them under the guise of helping. The biggest Sell Outs would be those within our own Black Community who use skin color as a means to shirk any type of responsibility for one’s self and their own actions!

After all, it was the Democrat KKK who said that the Negro was unable to care for themselves, be educated, and control themselves when it came to knowing right from wrong when they argued against abolishing Slavery. Those same racist Democrat Whites made that same argument again when it came to the Civil Rights Movement. At the rate the Black Community is going these days, they are just proving those who they claim to hate so much right!

The 2 parties (Democrat and Republican) have not switched places, no matter what people may think. The Democrats just got slicker in their way of appeasing folks in order to obtain and keep their army of Useful Idiots! Don’t believe me?

–Take a look at the Welfare System. You could be a single mother of 3 making $7.00 an hour and you wouldn’t receive Food Stamps in a lot of states because they say you make too much for your household. They give you a choice, either work and barely make it or live off the system.

Here’s another example.
–Why is it that Democrat states run by Democrats never get any better? I’ll tell you… They don’t want you too! They want to keep you where you are! It serves their agenda! They still make their money and get benefits while you stay on the plantation thinking that they have your best interests in mind!

–How about why there’s a liquor store on most corners in low-income area’s and not a Starbucks or Mall? If you think that is a Republican idea, you would be sorely mistaken! The liquor stores are placed there to keep people docile and appeased! If you’re drinking, your less likely to put up a fuss. People will by alcohol with their last few dollars, most often before paying their bills or getting necessities needed to survive!

–Even better…. Planned Parenthood Clinics which are Democrat promoted organizations, are strategically placed in Black and low-income Communities! Did that every cross anyones mind? They aren’t passing out Birth Control and Healthcare freely, they place most clients on a sliding fee scale. The fact is Abortion is the most common service they provide and it’s the biggest money make for them as well. Of course after you abort your baby, they will place you on Birth Control though! They may even see you to provide a follow-up visit.
Those are just  few examples, there are many more!

All this Black Lives Matter stuff is a joke! It’s meant to cause more hatred and division of the American people. Along with the Lame Stream Media’s help, it doing a fine job in doing so! If indeed all Black Lives Matter, you would think and Common Sense would tell you the Movement would be focusing on taking the step needed within its own community to make things better. They would be teaching accurate facts, focusing on families, going back to basics, and bringing respect, pride, and work ethic back to the Black Community. After all change begins in your own back yard, not on someone else’s doorstep!

Instead they, chose to rally & protest, call everything out as racist, pass on inaccurate facts, block roads, destroy property within their own communities, hurl racial slurs & statements, team up with other racist groups like the Nation of Idiots & the New Black Panther Party, keep electing Democrats who really don’t give a hoot about them, and now most recently… Kill Police Officers and call for the extermination of all Whites! They have made it a “Hate & Blame Whitey For Everything” circus instead of focusing on what really matters! Way to go Black Lives Matter folks! Way to have your voices heard! SMH……..

Do Black lives even matter to the Black folks in the movement claiming to want to matter so much? Until they start showing respect for themselves and giving the world something to be respected, it’s sad to say…. but I would venture to think not!

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