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Can We as the Republican Party Do Better?

Here is my latest post on The Last Civil Right! Some may not like what I have to say, but hey…. When has that stopped me from saying it?!? Please drop in and read it when you can, feel free to share it with others, and leave me a comment on our website if you’d like!
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The Last Civil Right


Before I became active in politics, I did what normal Black children do when it came time for me to be able to vote and followed Family Tradition. As many Black families in the US, my family is mostly registered Democrat . I later switched to being an Independent while I was in the Military, then switched to the Republican Party and became a Precinct Committeeman in my hometown in order to work within the Arizona Republican Party . I am currently serving as a Member-At-Large on the Executive Committee  for the Pima County Republican Party in Arizona.

While working within the Republican Party here in Arizona walking my Precinct as a Precinct Committeeman should do within our Legislative Districts, I began to hear many reasons of why people were not happy within the Party, and many were thinking about either switching Parties to being Independent, had already…

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