TikTok and the Pro-Life Argument

Kuuleme T Stephens

This is the most IGNORANT argument I’ve heard in a while, so I thought I’d write about it! The arguments for what is viewed as racist is out of control! The Left loves calling everything out as racist, and in my opinion the Right appeases them with a reactionary response that does more harm than good.

I ran across this video on TikTok the other day. I’ve seen the video posted on Facebook as well. I guess this fool doesn’t know who started Planned Parenthood and their goal!

Abortion was made to eliminate Black folks NOT help them! It is NOT healthcare, it’s Genocide and Eugenics! Do Liberals not research before crying racism?!?

Margret Sanger was the founder of The American Birth Control League and Planned Parenthood. She is credited with coming up with the term Birth Control. She was also a known Eugenicist. This woman was not only a racist, she also targeted the disabled as well. In many ways the woman was a female version of Adolf Hitler.

Margret Sanger’s name was removed from one PP clinic back in July of 2020 due to her harmful connections to the eugenics movement! Planned Parenthood is disavowing Margret Sanger and those like her now, because of Pro-life people like me, Lila Rose, The National Black Pro-Life Coalition, The Issues4Life Foundation, Protecting Black Life, and many others preaching about the FACTS of the racist history of PP and Abortion! But hey Liberals, keep being hypocritical and praising the racist woman! SMH….

Sources say eighty percent of Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics are within easy walking distance of minority neighborhoods and 60 percent are in minority zip codes. Protecting Black Life has an interactive map that will show you this no matter where you live in the US. According to Planned Parenthood’s Guttmacher Institute, “In the United States, the abortion rate for black women is almost five times that for white women”. Black women constitute 13 percent of the female population, but they are getting 36 percent of the abortions.

Do you think that is a COINCIDENCE?!?

The excuse that the Pro-Life movement is racist is insane! You CAN NOT blame poor personal choices and lack of home training on racism! I myself grew up in the ghetto. If you want to succeed in this life, you will find a way! Skin color doesn’t have anything to do with this and it damn sure doesn’t hinder you in this day and age! Many people (of all colors) in our past marched, protested, and even died to ensure we are equal in this world; not equal with special privileges!

STOP with the excuses already! STOP blaming others for your lack of personal responsibility and lack of home training! It does our ancestors and the many who came before us a great disservice and in no way honors their memory!

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About Kuuleme Stephens

I am a Mother/Actress/Model/Singer and Navy Veteran. I am also a Republican Precinct Committeewoman. I am a Conservative Independent who speaks her mind very openly!!! I have appeared on CBS radio with Dan Rea and KLZ The Source with Kenneth Clark, and I hope to do more radio interviews in the future so Black Conservatives can have their voices heard across the nation! I am also a writer Co-Author of The Last Civil Right so drop in and check us out: http://www.thelastcivilright.org

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  1. Well, we just had our Texas legislators notified- by both the FBI and DPS- of a ‘credible threat’ against the lives of all legislators who voted our latest anti-abortion bill. This is NOT the state to try that crap in. Our capitol allows conceal carry- and has for 12 years. Not to mention the DPS officers do NOT mess around. I assure you, anyone who draws down on our legislators is going to face near instantaneous overwhelming force from all sides.

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