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Liberal Celebrities: Leaving the US or Just Pitching a Tantrum

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The Last Civil Right

his 2016 election has been on for the record books. It seemed as if no one was happy with their choices. The battle for the nominations in parties was brutal for the American people. Even the Entertainers seemed to be weighing in with their opinions more this time around. Some to the point of threatening to move from the US.

From what I could see, the number of celebrities stating they were going to move ranged from10  to 23depending on what source you were looking at.  Are they sticking to their word or are they backing down? Let’s take a look at a few!

1. Miley Cyrus


Lil Miss Miley made waves via Twitter with her video reaction of the election results. She is the 23 y/o daughter of Country Artist Billy Ray Cyrus and is an actress/singer herself.  She announced back in Marchthat she…

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