Radical/Extremist/Moderate/Peaceful Muslims: Is there a difference?

In light of the recent Terrorist Attack, I felt the need to write this answering questions on my views on Islam.

The Last Civil Right


I have expressed my personal views on Islam and the Muslim Culture before, and now I find myself writing on the topic again. It does not contain all info on Islam and why I believe as I do, but it does explain it briefly. In order to explain my position fully and verse by verse, fully I would have to write a book on the subject.

In my opinion, there are only 3 types of Muslims.

1: The Radical/ Extremist Muslims who want to kill us.

2: The Moderate Muslims who want the Radical/ Extremist Muslim to kill us.

And Last…..

3: What people know as and claim to be  Peaceful Muslims who would not be “Muslims” at all. There is no such thing as a Peaceful Muslim! If they claim to be Muslim, yet do not follow the Quran and all that goes with it; then they would not…

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About Kuuleme Stephens

I am a Mother/Actress/Model/Singer and Navy Veteran. I am also a Republican Precinct Committeewoman. I am a Conservative Independent who speaks her mind very openly!!! I have appeared on CBS radio with Dan Rea and KLZ The Source with Kenneth Clark, and I hope to do more radio interviews in the future so Black Conservatives can have their voices heard across the nation! I am also a writer Co-Author of The Last Civil Right so drop in and check us out: http://www.thelastcivilright.org

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  1. Wow! Just when FOX News finally dumped ultra ignorant, Stacey Dash, another ignorant Aunt Jemima emerges to cash in on her self hate. You must may been the inspiration for Quentin Tarantino’s Stephen character in the movie Django Unchained.

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