Tribute to 4 Little Girls and the 1963 Birmingham 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing

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Today marks the day of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing in Birmingham Alabama. The bombing took place on September 15, 1963. The 4 little girls who’s names have become well known from this incident were: Addie Mae Collins, 14; Denise McNair, 11; Carole Robertson, 14; and Cynthia Wesley; 14
ap_birmingham_bombings_girls_nt_130425_blog The 4 girls were posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal by Congress on the 50th Anniversary of the event last year.
Please take a moment to remember this day to reflect on these young ladies who lost their lives, and their family and friends; as it is a moment in History that should never be forgotten.

“I Can’t Think Of Sunday” written by Joe DeFilippo and performed by the R.J. Phillips Band, a group of Baltimore studio musicians. Joe DeFilippo: vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar; Sue Tice: fiddle; Bill Phelan: mandolin, pedal steel; Leslie Darr, background vocals; Bill Pratt: drums, organ…

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  1. Just watched film.

    Ridiculously sad and an amazing documentary.

    I was born in 1990 so obviously this did not effect my life when it happened and oddly enough I also dont remember learning or hearing of this while in school. My eighth grade teacher was very liberal ( I would have been 12-13) and very race sensitive. In fact I remember only of her teaching about “black history” the entire year (but this could be BC this is the only topic that had any effect or resounding influence on my life) and think that’s actually all she did teach that whole year. I know for a fact that our “project” for the whole year (which counted as a lot of our grade) was definitely based on this terrible part of our American history. Anyway through all this I still dont remember these “4little girls” I guess you only learn in eighth grade about king Jr. and Rosa Parks and a little Malcolm (which he was basically not given what he was owed BC of “violent” ways, but really what do you expect? Everyone to be like martin Luther Jr. and just be passive like that? How do you expect that considering the violence that “whites” showed him?) Anyway waaayyy off topic. This should be a film showed in classrooms around 13-14 years old. Some might say its too gruesome to show people of that age, but i, not so politely, disagree. I mean look at our current culture. If our country were in a place (lets face it, we’ll never be in) of harmony i might think differently but w radical Muslims blowing up anything/ everything they can and gangs (a lot of black on black) of every race doing the same how can we say this is too violent? I mean by age 14 either me or a friend of mine had had sex, smoked pot, drank and even some had already messed w coke and/ or heroin/ or crack. So to sum up, this should be an amazingly awesome/ tragic and terrifying tale of OUR history. Black or white whatever its OUR history and should be completely remembered and observed every year but please remember to all African Americans this is NOT how most whites or Caucasian people feel today. I certainly dont and no one i know does (and i live in the south) feel or treat “black people” any different. Not to sound like the retarded governer of Birmingham at the time by pointing out black people in my life but i just want to mention that one of my best friends is black and so is the guy i just started dating. ANYWAY teachers…show this film in school! And do it BEFORE people get their minds made up and you can’t change or alter mindsets!

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