A Little Venting on Immigration

Posted a new Blog on The Last Civil Right! This one is a hot topic in todays society, so it should get people talking! Please remember to be respectful in your comments as not everyone will share the same opinion as you! Drop in and check it out when you have some time and share at will if you’d like! Also, feel free to comment on our website, as that is how our stats are gaged! Thank you!

The Last Civil Right

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Today I am just doing a little venting on the topic of Illegal Immigration. As this is a personal perspective venting, there are no links, websites, or citations attached in this piece. I just felt the personal need to write about this topic as I live in a Border State and this topic is a very big topic for us here in Arizona!

While Illegal Immigration is a hot topic for all of us here in the US, I can’t help to wonder….. Have any of our National Level Officials thought to look at a more sensible option? LOCK DOWN THE BORDER AND MAKE THE FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS FIX THEIR OWN DAMN COUNTRIES?

The biggest excuses for people coming here to our country Illegally are:
1.  They want the American Dream.
2. They want a better way of life than what is being provided for them in their own countries.


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About Kuuleme Stephens

I am a Mother/Actress/Model/Singer and Navy Veteran. I am also a Republican Precinct Committeewoman. I am a Conservative Independent who speaks her mind very openly!!! I have appeared on CBS radio with Dan Rea and KLZ The Source with Kenneth Clark, and I hope to do more radio interviews in the future so Black Conservatives can have their voices heard across the nation! I am also a writer Co-Author of The Last Civil Right so drop in and check us out: http://www.thelastcivilright.org

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  1. I applaud your common sense way of thinking…an educated, well-informed woman who is also a veteran, takes care of her children…..loyal…what else can one ask for? haters come in all shapes and sizes…..not black enough? to hell with them and their way of thinking is POISON..they call you names because they are JEALOUS of what you have become!!!!

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