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A Little Venting on Immigration

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The Last Civil Right

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Today I am just doing a little venting on the topic of Illegal Immigration. As this is a personal perspective venting, there are no links, websites, or citations attached in this piece. I just felt the personal need to write about this topic as I live in a Border State and this topic is a very big topic for us here in Arizona!

While Illegal Immigration is a hot topic for all of us here in the US, I can’t help to wonder….. Have any of our National Level Officials thought to look at a more sensible option? LOCK DOWN THE BORDER AND MAKE THE FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS FIX THEIR OWN DAMN COUNTRIES?

The biggest excuses for people coming here to our country Illegally are:
1.  They want the American Dream.
2. They want a better way of life than what is being provided for them in their own countries.


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