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Are We Teaching the Truth in Love???

Kuuleme Stephens

Kuuleme Stephens

As I sit and listen to one of my favorite Christian singing groups, I find myself wondering: Why we are slipping backwards in society today. How can things be getting so bad so fast??? Could it be that we have become so entrenched in the Christian Conservative Movement, that we have forgotten how to care for one another?  Have we become so invested in pointing out what is right and what is wrong, that we are pushing away the people we are supposed to be caring for? Are we becoming so critical of others, that in effect, we are helping the Democrats gain in their ranks???

Teaching the Truth in Love
Are we teaching the truth in love
Telling it like it is
While holding pure motives
And showing that we care
Are we teaching the truth in love

A man came to my Jesus
Telling all that he had done
To fulfill the good commandments
He knew every single one
But Jesus said there’s something
That indeed he did lack
Yes the savior told the truth
He didn’t hold the message back

He was teaching the truth in love
Telling it like it is
While holding pure motives
And showing that He cares
He was teaching the truth in love

A woman caught in evil and without an alibi
The truth, so very obvious, made no attempt to lie
With all the foes against her how she felt so all alone
Until Jesus asked the people who would throw the first stone

Teaching the truth in love
Telling it like it is
While holding pure motives
And showing that He can
He was teaching the truth in love

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how we are to share
With our Master’s words of confidence, directly, do we dare?
Should we water down the message, should we tell them only parts?
Will they see Him in our message, will they see Him in our heart?

We’re teaching the truth in love
Give Him the peace of His Love
Yes in love, oh yes in
We’re talking, we’re talking love
Oh, in love, yeah.

When it comes to issues such as Abortion and the Pro-life cause and Homosexuality, people often come off sounding very harsh, very judgemental,  and very unforgiving. There are Conservative Women who have had abortions who are apart of the Conservative Movement and there are Gay Conservatives as well! There are a lot more people who are not Conservative that have had abortions and are Homosexual, that we need to try to reach to change the tide of Socialism in this Country.

We also have the tendency of grouping people who are on Welfare together in a group. There are a lot of people on Welfare that are in true need of the assistance for a short period of time in their lives.

There are many examples of where we could learn to watch what we say and be aware of how it may be coming across to others. I myself, am guilty of this from time to time! So I will need to check myself as well!

The one thing the Democrats have on us Conservatives, is that they are ALL INCLUSIVE and they have NO BOUNDARIES! They have their followers believing that they care more about their well-being than we, as Christian ConservatAre We Teaching the Truth in Love???ives,  do. They are utilizing the way we word things to their fullest advantage, and painting us out to be unfeeling and uncaring and it is working!

As we go out into our neighbourhoods, on social media, and various places to communicate, educate,  and make a difference; please try to keep in mind other people plights, the shoes they have to walk in, and how we may come across to others!

When we begin to speak the truth in love, then and only then will we begin to make a difference!

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