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Some Truth Team Obama Has Working for Him!!!!

Some of the things that are being circulated by Obama and his campaign are truly disturbing to me. I am one who signed up for both Presidential Candidates email alerts in order to stay informed on what both Candidates are saying to their bases. The really disturbing thing about Obama and his campaign is that they are putting out total falsehoods and lies to their base! They claim to want to tell their Left Base the truth, but……when you hit the links in their emails, it takes you to another Pro-Obama Website, where they go on to tell more lies and distorted truths about Romney trying to pass it off as truth!Who does this??? Why not link their links to the actual Romney page where it shows where Romney stands on each issue???

Here is the actual email I was sent:

Kuuleme – The first presidential debate is this Wednesday, and Mitt Romney has had a lot of practice. In addition to the more than 20 primary debates he’s done over the past year, his staff have told reporters that he’s been preparing for the debate for months now. He’s even been memorizing some “zingers” to attack the President and score political points. Romney’s allies are very confident that this strategy will work — just yesterday, Governor Chris Christie said that Romney will do “extraordinarily well” in the debate and use it to “restart” the race. My guess is that voters watching will be using a different scorecard — not who can fire off the best one-liner, but who lays out a detailed plan to get the middle class thriving again. That’s how President Obama sees this debate — as an opportunity to talk about his specific plans to continue moving the country forward. So before President Obama and Mitt Romney take the stage, take a look at some items we’ve put together on Romney’s record — both as a corporate buyout specialist and as a governor — and his economic plans so that you have all the facts you need to tell your family and friends why he’s not the right guy for the job. #1 Ten things you need to know about Mitt Romney’s business record Mitt Romney has based his candidacy for the presidency on his experience as a corporate buyout specialist. But a closer look at Romney’s business record reveals a pattern of job loss, bankruptcies, and outsourcing — a kind of economics that Americans just can’t afford. Before the first debate, listen to middle class workers talk about what Romney economics meant for them, and check out ten factsyou should know about Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital. Make sure others know them, too:

#2 Ten things you need to know about Gov. Romney’s Massachusetts record Ten years ago, Mitt Romney was elected governor of Massachusetts on his promise of more jobs, less debt, and smaller government. He left the state with the largest per capita debt in the nation and increased spending, and the state fell to 47th in job creation. At the debate, beware of Mitt Romney claiming that he cut taxes for middle class families 19 times as governor. In reality, Romney created or raised more than 1,000 taxes or fees during his four years as governor. Romney economics didn’t work for Massachusetts, and it won’t work for America. Check out this postabout Romney’s record as governor, and let others know about it:

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#3 What you need to know about Romney’s tax plan Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have a big economic plan: Offer $5 trillion in tax cuts weighted towards the wealthiest Americans without adding a penny to the deficit. According to Romney, they’d pay for it by closing loopholes and deductions for the wealthy. The problem is that the math doesn’t add up, especially because they’ve taken measures that benefit the wealthy, like the loophole for carried interest and preferential treatment for investment income, off the table. Nonpartisan experts, including some of Romney’s own outside economic advisers, have added it all up, and they say that in order to make the Romney-Ryan tax plan work, deductions that middle class families rely on — like mortgage and child deductions — will have to be cut, leading to a $2,000 tax increase for the average middle class family with children. When Ryan was asked this weekend to explain how they’d actually pull this off, Ryan said, “I don’t have the time. It would take me too long to go through all the math.” But no amount of time would make that math work. Get the facts on Romney’s tax plan, and share them with others:

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Be sure to bookmark, and visit it regularly over the next few weeks to get updates, fact checks, and information you can share with your friends and family about what’s at stake this November. You can also find the debate watch party nearest you – where you’ll be able to join Vice President Biden for an exclusive post-debate livestream. Thanks, Stephanie P.S. — We have a new tool out today that lets you see how your community is better off thanks to President Obama. Take a look at the map of all the job-creation projects supported by this administration in your area, and be sure to tell others about them, too.                       

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I mean REALLY? Why can’t they give accurate information against their opponent? Are they really that scared that they have to lie and blind their base to REAL TRUTH??? They really shouldn’t call themselves a Truth Team if all they are going to put out is lies and distortions of the truth. If Barack Obama didn’t have anything to hide or played fair, he would link Romney’s actual Official Website to his emails! He would go off of the REAL things that Romney stands for! But wait……..he can’t do that!!! He wouldn’t have a base if he did something like that!!!! His base would actually see that Romney actually supports Americans and the Middle Class! They would see that the Obama Campaign LIED about the GOP’s “War on Women”, they would see that Romney actually wants to make things better for EVERYONE and does care about the poor!

Romney stances on the issue’s are REAL! He has a REAL PLAN for bettering this Country for EVERYONE not just a select few unlike his opponent! Obama has given the IGNORANT bunch of PIPE DREAMS and he hasn’t fulfilled one!!! Romney is not pandering too or playing off of the IGNORANCE of the Left like Obama and his campaign is! If people wanted to know where Romney actually stands on the issue’s and get the facts for themselves, they would go to his Official Website ( ) and check him out for themselves!!!

People really need to stop listening to others for their facts and start doing their own research or at the very least get their information straight to the horses mouth!!! Only a TRULY IGNORANT person votes in an election without researching or going off of actual facts!!!!

As apart of the 0% Club, lol (The Left actually believed that lie too, SMH….),

I say GO ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!!!

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