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Pay it Forward: The Morgan House Story and the People Behind it!



The Facebook application has grown much since its launching in 2004. People use it to share their moods, articles they’ve read, opinions, pictures, and much, much, more! I myself have a Facebook and I love it! I have been able to meet people who I would never have had the chance in meeting; I have also been able to keep in touch with friends and family that live in other states! I have had the chance to friend a lot of people on my page, one of them being a fellow Black Female Conservative, Pastor Shannon Wright!


Pastor Wright is an exceptional person and she is full of great ideas! She and her husband Michael Wright are both writers. Michael Wright’s latest book is called “Morgan House”. It is described on their website as a “hauntingly chilling book”. You can find out all about this novel and read the summary of what the book is about at:

Now, you are probably wondering why I chose to write about this particular book or even about a book at all, since my postings are normally political! Well, it was the concept behind the book that caught my attention! The book is based on a “Pay it Forward” concept. Both Shannon and her husband Michael believe in the literary arts ability to encourage and inspire. They are donating a portion of their proceeds from their first 1,000 sales of each new work to charity, and they will also match these funds as well.

Times are hard for everyone right now, so charities are really hurting. Most people who normally would donate their hard-earned cash are not in a position to give as they normally would. According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, “Nonprofits report being “cut to the bone” in their budgets and fund-raising results have not improved over the past year. Nonprofit organizations, particularly smaller entities, are struggling to secure funding for the vital services they provide in their communities”. However, people do continue to buy things that they like or need like books for their leisure time! What better way is there to give when you are doing it buying something you want!

Here is a Background summary of Pastor Shannon Wright that can be found on her Facebook page:

“Pastor Shannon Wright was born in White Plains NY. At the age of 5 her family moved to NJ where she stayed until graduating high school in 1985. Pastor Wright then attended Virginia State University for her degrees in business communication and economics with a minor in music. She continued her education at NYU for her certification Peer Assistance Mediation and counseling and also with the American Management Association for certification in small business management, business startup, and Marketing and promotions.

Pastor Wright had dreams at one point of either being a fashion designer or musician. After a short career in retail she quickly decided it would be best to use the education her father insisted on and went to work for a non-profit organization in NY where she quickly became director of special events. Through networking in the nonprofit world offers started coming in from other organizations and businesses and in 1995 started her consulting business.

Pastor Shannon Wright has also had the opportunity to serve as 1st Vice President of the Yonkers NAACP. During her tenure she was one of the lead negotiators for a land mark housing and education desegregation case against the city and board of education the city of Yonkers NY. The case was won and a $300,000,000.00 settlement was agreed upon.

In 1999 Pastor Wright and her Husband Michael Wright formed Signature Solutions and took their consulting to a new level. In 2004, Pastor Shannon Wright was then ordained Reverend. Later that year, she made her radio debut as a guest on WKMB 1070 am Know Your Community with former Plainfield, NJ Mayor Rev. Richard L. Taylor. In 2005, Rev. Wright competed for and won the title of Mrs. Union County United States and became co-host of WKMB 1070AM now Your Community.

In 2006 Rev. Shannon Wright and her husband Michael were both ordained Pastors. Also in 2006, Pastor Shannon Wright won the titles of Mrs. Union County United States, Mrs. New Jersey US Beauties, and Mrs. New Jersey New Millennium. The year 2006 is also the year the Pastors Wright started their Faith, Grace, and Mercy World Outreach Ministry.

In 2008 Pastor Wright was asked to assume the title Mrs. United States New Millennium and made several appearances in that capacity. She from here out will be the honorary Mrs. United States New Millennium, and serve as National Spokesperson for the pageant system. Pastor Wright is also Youth Guidance Commissioner for the City of Plainfield, NJ, and NAACP NJ State conference Youth and College Advisor.

Through the ministry, Pastor Wright looks to improve public education for minority students and create avenues to improve the life of youth in general. The Wrights have developed a charter school curriculum for leadership and social change for use in our urban centers.”

This is a Background summary on Michael E. Wright that can be found on the Morgan House website:

“Michael Eric Wright was born in May Pen, Jamaica in 1971 to his parents Cornelius and Deloris Wright during a trip to visit family. Michael also has two older siblings a brother and sister and a younger sister. Shortly after Michael’s birth the family went back home to Freeport, Bahamas where he lived until the age of nine when his parents relocated to the United States in 1980. Michael attended P.S. 85 elementary school, and I.S. 115 middle school before going on to Theodore Roosevelt High School in the Bronx, New York. Michael then went on to The South Bronx Job Corps where he received certification in plumbing, building and apartment maintenance. In 1990 Michael joined the New York City Police Department as an auxiliary officer.

Michael Wright is the father of four children and resides New Jersey with his wife and children. Michael is a full-time author with books ranging from fantasy, science fiction, and horror with titles such as Morgan House, Morgan House II, Thermal Light, Going Home, Dead Inside, The Woo Gee, and Forever Starr.”

Most parents tell their children stories. In this case Michael liked to tell stories about things and places he would imagine. He has always been a story-teller. When Michael was a little boy, he would come home and tell his mother all kinds of made up stories and she would tell him “that was a good story”. As he got older, would encourage him to write his stories down. Being a writer was always a dream for him, but life got in the way and time quickly passed.

Initially, Morgan House was a story he was holding onto for years. When He was finally ready, Michael decided to write the book. Since Michael and Shannon met doing work in the community, Shannon asked him if they could do a “community give back” as a part of the launch for Morgan House and he agreed.

During the course of bringing Morgan House to life and to the market, they had the chance to meet other authors along the way, one of them being Dwayne Bowen, who encouraged them to start their own publishing company. They both talked it over and decided to go for it, and from there birthed Nouveau Ink Publishing. Both Shannon and Michael wanted to create a place to give a voice to authors and stories but there are stipulations to having your works published through their company. The stipulation is if you are with them, then you must give back! A percentage of you profits must be donated to an approved charity.

Shannon and Michael Wright went from doing a little “give back” on one book, to forming a publishing company that is built on the philosophy of “Pay it Forward”. They are helping authors to fulfill their dreams of being published and at the same time, giving back to the community! They both believe in lending a helping hand when one is needed and think that it is important to give back.

I have had the pleasure of reading the first 3 chapters of the book, and let me tell you, it is a great read! For people who love to read, this is a great way to give a little while at the same time making a great purchase and gaining a great book! Please check out the Morgan House Website at: The book is available there for purchase at a very reasonable price! Also, if you have a Facebook profile, drop in and “Like” the Morgan House Facebook page as well!! You can find it here:!/pages/Morgan-House/296577083756174.

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