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Kuuleme T. Stephens





In light of the recent events that are being circulated in the media and all over the web (The Zimmerman case). In order to stop violence in the Black Community, we must educate our Black Community. Most violence in our community is Black on Black crime.
If we want to be treated as equals, we must stop behaving like thugs and animals. Respect is earned, not given. If it walks like a duck……… How can we expect anyone to see the Black Community as anything respectable when we don’t care enough about ourselves to act responsible or civil???
Black folks, this starts at home. Educate your children, teach them that there is more to life than drug dealing, stealing, violence, and rapping. Take them to church and encourage them to stay in school, bring good morals into your homes, and set a good example for our children. Teach them self-respect and personal responsibility. Stop instilling failure from the get go.
Once this begins to happen, the rest will fall into place!!!!!!


P.S. Black folk, for those of you who wish to remain ignorant and act a fool…… You’re only making it harder for those who choose to do better for themselves and the Black Community as a whole. I refuse to be taken down with you, so SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT!!!!!! Planes and boats leave the United States to Africa everyday!!! 🙂 Call me self hating if you want to, but I will take being called a Race Trader, Aunt Jemima, Uncle TomGraham CrackerOreo, or any other derogatory term that people like to throw at me better than being called Ignorant, Uncivil, Uneducated, or a Thug………..



About Kuuleme Stephens

I am a Mother/Actress/Model/Singer and Navy Veteran. I am also a Republican Precinct Committeewoman. I am a Conservative Independent who speaks her mind very openly!!! I have appeared on CBS radio with Dan Rea and KLZ The Source with Kenneth Clark, and I hope to do more radio interviews in the future so Black Conservatives can have their voices heard across the nation! I am also a writer Co-Author of The Last Civil Right so drop in and check us out: http://www.thelastcivilright.org

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  1. cease with the “blame the victim” rhetoric. yes, young folk have to be equipped with cultural intelligence which includes negotiating being harassed by cops or others on the streets — but it is never what you wear, how you walk, how you speak, whether you eyeball someone or how many “massas” you can get out of your mouth. whether you are identified by others as a girl or a boy or are met with confusion, it is NEVER your fault that bigotry and violent hatred exist and may impact you. it is NOT trayvon’s parents’ fault! folk should be able to walk the street naked like jason russell of invisible children without violence or harassment. it is not the fault of the parents or the person affected by harassment and street violence. it is always, ALWAYS, the perpetrator’s fault.

    survival skills are not a guarantees, they merely hope to lessen the probability of danger until one is in a better position to FIGHT BACK.

  2. You are brave and very intelligent. I pray that your message reaches people of all races. Thank you for your post.

    • Yes, I hope it will too!!! This is not just a “Black problem”. People of all races need to go back to basics!!! The reason why I focus on the Black Community is because it is the one I’m from! (Whether they claim me or not!!! Lol!!!)!!!

  3. you’re an idiot. just want to make sure you knew that. btw people commit crime against the people who are around them, and since blacks live around each other they commit crime on each other. people dont drive 50 miles out of their neighborhood when they want to commit crime, they go down the street. “black on black crime” is a archaic, stupid dinosaur term that was a tool for propaganda. people that arent doing well financially, commit crime, and they do it to the people who live around them, this is observable with countless people and cultures all across the planet.

    • Actually you would be the ignorant idiot here. Just thought I’d let you know that. People often travel outside of where they live to commit their crimes, especially when they don’t want to get caught. You might do well by sitting in a few Criminal Justice classes before spewing such ignorance. Black on Black crime is a reference to Gang Violence. Even Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (the so-called Black Leaders) recognize it. While they may not drive exactly 50 miles outside of their own neighborhoods, they often go into other neighborhoods where people don’t know them or their Grandmother. They also go into neighborhoods where the people have more than what they have and are better off. Study up on your definitions before posting here again. Propaganda is very different than facts and documented history…….

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