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Are Our Standards too High???: The Problem with Politics Today

Kuuleme Stephens

Politics today have become such a mess that no one knows who to vote for or what to vote for anymore. We have to worry about our Politicians lying, cheating, having affairs, and numerous other bad qualities which we choose to demonize as we choose. Can anyone tell me when exactly, we as the human race became more powerful than GOD??? The Bible as I read it says that God is the judge of all men, so when did we become the judge and jury able to ruin other people lives and hold them to standards that we ourselves can’t even live up to??? Is there a hidden rule that I missed that states once you enter political office you must be perfect and have no human faults???

Our Country has a Religion, a Constitution, and laws that set basic guidelines for us to follow. These guidelines are set in order to make us the best people we can be in this life. Nowhere in either of those does it state one must be perfect in order to be a good person. Everyone makes mistakes, the only difference then is, if you learn from those mistakes and take steps to correct them. Now that being said, are there bad people in this world??? The answer to that would be yes. People who knowingly do “bad things” for personal gain can be considered bad people. Can people change??? The answer is yes, but some choose not to. It is not up to us to condemn them though; someone else already has that job.

So many people in Politics and other Public Figure positions have been hurt and destroyed while either running as Public Figure or being in a Public Figure position. It’s not just the people in the limelight that get hurt and destroyed either, their friends and family suffer along the way as well. Slander, the public broadcast of personal lives, moral misdeeds, and breakings of laws are not contained to one political party either. For example: Herman Cain, Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., Barrack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., Ted Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Ron Paul to name a few. How are we ever to elect a candidate for any position of power if we hold them all to the standards of a perfect being or a God???? Do we ever truly know who a person is or what is in their heart??? In addition, how are we ever to find any of this out if we are judging them right off the bat without even looking at circumstances or the realities of the world surrounding the events???

I am going to use myself as an example on this one. I will probably lose friends (I have already lost a lot of family members and friends along the way already) so it does not really bother me. Most people know me as a proud mother, a Navy Veteran, and a very outspoken female Black Conservative. Most people would also say that I am a good person and many have asked me to run for a Political Office. That is only part of who I am. I have been many things during my lifetime. I will list some of them for you:

  1. 1.     Mother
  2. 2.     Cheerleading Coach
  3. 3.     Bible Bowl Youth Group Member/Church Member
  4. 4.     Girl Scout
  5. 5.     Ballet Teacher
  6. 6.     Counselor
  7. 7.     Navy Hospital Corpsman
  8. 8.     Ordained Minister
  9. 9.     Nursing Assistant
  10. 10.  Conservative and Tea Party Member

However, I have also been:

  1. 1.     Stripper
  2. 2.     Adult Movie Actress
  3. 3.     Hooters Girl
  4. 4.     Male Strip Club Manager
  5. 5.     Democrat
  6. 6.     A Single Unwed Mother
  7. 7.     A Welfare Recipient
  8. 8.     Homeless
  9. 9.     Bi-Polar
  10. 10.  A person known not to have problems with homosexuals (except on the right to marry in the Christian Church).

Will that change some people’s opinions of me, of course it will. Do I care??? Quite frankly, NO! EVERYONE has a skeleton in their closet whether they choose to admit it or not, and if they won’t they are not being honest with themselves. I have never claimed to be perfect. I have never purposely hidden who I am from people. I can very easily be found on the internet just like everyone else. I also would never run for political office because I know the people of this Country and Media would drag my family, my friends, and me though pure hell in doing so.

Where people in Public Standing go wrong is: They try to purposely hide their mistakes and place themselves in the position of being looked to as a God and not a human being. When these secrets are dug up (and they will be dug up by one side or the other), then they are scrutinized even more for being a liar on top of the misdeeds they tried to cover up in the first place.

Where the General Public goes wrong is: We place such high standards on public figures that it is very easy to tear them down. Most of the General Public can’t even meet the standards we hold our Public Figures to. So why does everyone get so upset and disappointed when a Public Figure falls??? Why do we all continue to act so surprised that these Public Figures are human just like us???

Therefore, in closing I will leave you with this:

Before we look to judge and condemn our Public Figures, we should first look to ourselves to see if our own house is clean. Before we look to ruin other people’s lives and the lives of their friends and families, we should check to see if the error they made was an error made out of being human, or an intentionally “bad” error that they purposely made out of truly being a truly “evil” person with the worst of intentions. When we as a Country are able to define the difference between the two, then and only then will we be able to elect a President and all other Political Figures suitable to run this Country the way it should be………

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