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Rumors, Rumors, Rumors: I’m just sayiin’ !!!

Kuuleme T. Stephens

I find it amazing how our society today can have such double standards. What is alright by some standards is based on what political party you affiliate yourself with, and there is no denying that what is deemed ok in the Democrat Party is deemed racist, deviant, unacceptable, among other things in the case of the Republican Party.

Take Herman Cain, a Republican presidential hopeful, for instance. Liberals are quick to deem him guilty of sexual harassment, even though the women, who may or may not have made the claims, have yet to be identified or come forward to defend their alleged allegations.  The only thing that we really know for sure is that Politico put the article out. They have yet to even confirm that they have spoken to these women themselves. Herman Cain has repeatedly said he hasn’t sexually harassed anyone, yet the Liberal media and Democrat Party have deemed him guilty already. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty???? Isn’t this still the United States of America????

On the other side of the isle, an accusation has been covered up dealing with a sexual harassment case with the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Tommy Bennett had worked for the Rainbow Push Coalition from 2007-2009. He was outed as Homosexual by a female co-worker by the name of Caroline Wiggins who worked as a membership and volunteer coordinator for the Rainbow Push Coalition. She went to the Reverend and stated point-blank that she didn’t want to work with Mr. Bennett because he was a Homosexual. She would make”a limp wrist gesture” whenever Mr. Bennett was near and even was known to say anti-homosexual prayers out load when Bennett was in earshot.

Bennett stated in his complaint against Jackson that he was made to do “demeaning and demoralizing tasks” involving bringing women to Jackson’s room after work hours and cleaning the room after Jackson had sex with the women.At one point Bennett said Jackson had asked him to put a medicated cream on his inner thigh. When Tommy refused, Jackson responded by calling him a “little motherfucker”. These allegations were made over a year ago, but the Mainstream Liberal and Conservative media did not report anything on it. Now many Liberals will say “but Jesse Jackson isn’t running for president”. My response to that is, when you are consider yourself to be one of the “Leaders of the Black Community“, you damn well better be held to the same standards as a public official.

And then there’s the allegations against our “so-called president” as well. Back in 2010, there were reports of Barrack Obama and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel as being members of an Elite Gay Men’s Club. Not only was it said they were members, they were more specific by saying “long-time members“. The Gay Bath House that goes by Mans Country, has a web page at: . I had to look it up myself just to make sure it was a real Gay Men’s Bath House/Club and sure enough, it is. Sources close to Man’s Country said that the Secret Service had purged their file cabinets and their computers which were kept their private confidential records at the time, but Obama and Emanuel did indeed get issued club membership cards. It is said that Obama started frequenting Man’s Country during the 1990’s. Emanuel was said to have joined later on in 1998. It is even rumored that during Blagojevich’s trial U.S. District Court Judge James Zagel refused to let some 500 hours of recorded phone calls be played because they contained some “salty” information on Obama’s and Emanuel’s private lives.

Larry Sinclair is another person with tales of a Homosexual relationship with Obama. He revealed “that in 1999 he engaged in such oral sex activity and crack cocaine use with then-State senator Obama on two occasions, once in the back of a Chicago limousine operated by Five Star Limousine Service, and the other at a Chicago area motel, the Comfort Suites in Gurney, Illinois”. Shortly after he came out with his story, he was arrested on a “fugitive warrant issued by Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, the son of Obama’s vice presidential running mate”. Coincidence????? I think not. More like clean-up.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s long-time pastor, isn’t so clean either according to some. He is said to be a match maker “for gay married black professional members of the church, including lawyers and businessmen, particularly those with children”. This little club was named “The Down Low Club“, DLC for short. It was given the name because if people were to hear one talking about the DLC, they would more than likely think that they were referring to the Democrat Leadership Counsel. Not that is some serious cover up going on there.

Now, back to the beginning of my post about double standards. The mainstream media and Liberal mouth pieces would have you believe that Herman Cain is guilty just because Politico put out their article. Well, the other persons I have mentioned above have also had articles written about their alleged misdeeds, so where is the outcry over their circumstances???? Where are all the media stories on their escapades??? Even when Bill Clinton lied about his infidelity, there wasn’t a big media outcry over him and his misdeeds. He was brought up on impeachment charges as well, but they seemed to see fit to let him finish out his term of office.

When talking about the bias in this 2012 political race and all the rumors, the Race card can pretty much be thrown out the window. It doesn’t matter that the Democrats have said that Herman Cain isn’t Black enough because he’s a true Patriot and Conservative, he still and will always be a Black-American. All the persons mention above in the scandals are Black, even Clinton was deemed “the first Black president” by the Democrat Party. So what are we left with in determining the double standard???? You guessed it!!!! Political Party Affiliation!!! If you are a Democrat you can do anything and get away with everything. Even the media will help in hiding facts about a Liberal and their misdeeds.

If you are a Conservative, put on your seat belts because you’re in for the ride of your life!!!!!

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