Slave Mentality vs. Entitlement Mentality: The Downfall of the Black American Community

Kuuleme T. Stephens

Slave Mentality vs. Entitlement Mentality

The Downfall of the Black American Community


I often hear people make the claim that Blacks (African Americans) were better off when they were slaves. I myself have been known to say such things when people piss me off and respond out of ignorance to a posting or article. My reason for making such an argument is if Black Americans are not going to stop living in the past and blaming other for their problems, we will never move forward as a people. To maintain a belief that you are owed something and entitled to things when you are doing nothing to help yourself is absurd. To stay ignorant as a lifestyle choice and have others (the government) take care of you and tell you what to do is exactly what the slaves did, and some continued to do even after they were freed. Now, none of us today are slaves. Chattel slavery was begun in America by the first Europeans. Importation of new slaves was outlawed in 1808, and Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation in 1865 declared the slaves in the Confederacy were free (a bit of a stretch because at the time he was not president of the states in which he outlawed slavery). However, person such as my Great Grandmother whose father and grandfather were slaves have a Slavery Mentality because they were raised by slaves and their opinions and beliefs were passed down as such. Today our Black American community suffers from a different “syndrome” and that is called the Entitlement Mentality, which to me has many attributes of the Slavery Mentality, but adds ignorance, laziness, and arrogance to the picture and is much more dangerous.


First, what is a Slave Mentality? Moreover, what is an Entitlement Mentality?


A slave mentality is when a person (definition is not bound by race):

Is one of feeling inferior or of feeling lost without hope, a feeling that we do not have the power to significantly alter our own circumstances. Another sad symptom of having a slave mentality is believing that White people are superior, have all the answers, and are empowered by GOD.




A person conditioned to quietly, and without objection, accept harmful circumstances for themselves as the natural order of things. They’re also conditioned to accept their master’s view and beliefs, about themselves, and strive to get others, within their group, to accept the master’s view.

An Entitlement Mentality is (also not bound by race):

A state of mind in which the prevailing mentality of a society is that of entitlement to receive from the government or state what is apparently due to them or owed. This mentality may be held by gainfully employed workers who really do deserve more money/higher salaries etc or the unemployed who feel that it is the state’s responsibility to put bread in their bellies or beer in their empty mugs. In essence, this social disease is born/spawned from an unwillingness to accept personal responsibility for yourself as an individual in all aspects of your life.


In today’s society, we as Black Americans have so many more opportunities open to us. We are able to get an education, we are able to get good jobs, and we are able to live freely doing what we want to do in life if you’re willing to do what needs to be done to get there. To say there is racism today isn’t really a topic that I myself like to focus on because I’ve only felt it from my fellow Black Americans. I have never been called a nigger from a white person yet I have been called an Uncle Tom because of my political views, my way of speaking (because I don’t speak Ebonics and went to College), and a Race Trader because I am married to a Caucasian man and have a Mulatto child. Now I ask you, who are the racists?????

The deterioration of the Black American family is staggering. If you ask a young Black American what they want to be when they grow up, most will say they want to be a rapper/singer, football player, basketball player, or baseball player, etc and that is if they can tell you what they would like to be at all. No one tells them that only 0.03% make it to pro basketball, 0.08% make it pro football, and 0.45 make it pro baseball. We have a 40% dropout rate, for every 100,000 Black men in the U.S., 4,777 are in prison or jail, for every 100,000 Black American women, there are 743 in jail or prison, and 72% of Black American women, and teens are unwed mothers.

These problems are not the “white man’s” fault; this is our problem as a Black community. The more we teach our children that they are not good enough (because they are black), that they have the odds stacked against them (because they are black), that no one likes them (because they are black), that every problem can be solved by crying racism (because they are black), and that everyone owes them something (because they are black), the further down we go in this world as a community and as a people. Common sense can’t be taught, but family values, a love for God, getting an education, abstinence, and a zero tolerance for drugs can. This type of education begins in the home and nowhere else. It’s not up to the teachers, the church, or even the government’s responsibility to make sure our children are able to be functioning members of society, they are there to help reinforce the things that you should be teaching in the home.

The Black community needs better role models in order for a reconstruction of our community to take place. Our children look up to rappers, porn stars, actors, ball players, and even drug dealers and gangsters. They are bombarded with filth and demoralizing images everyday on TV and radio. They are taught that it is ok for them to disrespect their elders, have sex at 13, drop out of school, and have a drug habit (marijuana and prescription drugs included), that females are whores, and that it is cool to be in a gang and go to prison. Our Black community is killing its own by selling drugs such as crack, cocaine, acid, ecstasy, heroine, mushrooms, crystal meth, prescription medications (Vicodin, Percocet, Codeine, etc…), and marijuana.

The Black community needs to step up to the plate here. Quit being lazy and expecting everything to be handed to you. Quit throwing up race as a reason for you not getting what you want. Chances are you weren’t qualified for the position, have no education, or just plain didn’t apply yourself as you should have. People only use race to keep everyone divided and full of hate. Even our own supposed self-professed “Black leaders” are guilty of this (Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson etc…). Start educating you children, stop passing down ignorance and hate for self and others.

People are always talking about the “n” word and how demeaning it is, yet Black Americans use it as a term of endearment when it comes to hanging with their friends. Especially when we say it’s racist for white folks to use it but we as Blacks can. This is a setback all in itself. The word itself means ignorant, and any one from any race can be considered ignorant. Somewhat ironic that Black Americans call each other ignorant as an expression of friendship. How can we as a race expect to be treated any better if we ourselves are calling ourselves ignorant every other second??????

Point being, nobody is responsible for the downfall of the Black American community and family except our selves. The Slavery Mentality has been long gone and the Entitlement Mentality is harming us as Black Americans. Quit blaming others for your own mess and clean up you own homes. This problem is on our doorstep, not anyone else’s. If you don’t want to be called a nigger, and yes I said it, then quit calling yourselves that (whether it be with an “A” or an “ER”). Get off your ignorant ass’s and do something to change you situation. Create a better Black community for our children and give them better role models to look up too. Don’t define everything by race either, that only adds to the hate of one’s self and others. Encourage them to stay in school, be drug free, and abstinent. Help them to become functioning members of society.

Or do you still think you are entitled to something…………….

                                                                                                      Kuuleme T. Stephens



About Kuuleme Stephens

I am a Mother/Actress/Model/Singer and Navy Veteran. I am also a Republican Precinct Committeewoman. I am a Conservative Independent who speaks her mind very openly!!! I have appeared on CBS radio with Dan Rea and KLZ The Source with Kenneth Clark, and I hope to do more radio interviews in the future so Black Conservatives can have their voices heard across the nation! I am also a writer Co-Author of The Last Civil Right so drop in and check us out:

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  1. Hi,
    Just wanted to say I like your articles, and your writing, for whatever that’s worth. You have it exactly right. It is very hard to respect someone who doesn’t respect themselves. It has absolutely nothing to do with race.

  2. I’m going to have to think about what you said here, long and hard. I think, in some respects, that you are right; in others, in error, but entirely too harsh… *psssttt- It’s “Race Traitor”, not Trader- and for you to be called that IS Racist…

    • Actually it depends on who is calling you that and where you are in the world Mimi! Here in AZ they us Trader but in CA they use Traitor!!! I’ve been called both! Lol!

      • A trader trades a traitor is not the same except that you mis spelled it and move on I don’t think you are any one person can speak for us all but the ones who try are usually the ones that are disconnected!

      • It depends on what part of the Country on which term is used…. And as for speaking for all of you…… it depends on what side of the fence you sit on……. Disconnection can also be viewed from both sides as well…..

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      • Obviously you do not get what I am saying. It wasn’t misspelled it was exactly as intended. Trader as in “trading your race for another” or Traitor as in “Picking another race over your own”. As I said it depends on where you are from. Also, you would be making the same mistake that you claim I made (even though I didn’t say I was representing ALL BLACKS). You are speaking for all Black people in your responses as well………

  3. Nice article too bad the mainstream media wont touch this subject.

  4. Adrian Claybrooks

    I am glad you see the truth and are not blind to reality. I am nonnegative statistic African that lives in America and i dont undetstand why i am the only black man in a lot of my college courses. Our people avoid college and marriage like its a disease!

  5. Hi Kuulume. I love your article. I am trying to share it on my Facebook but don’t seem to be winning. I am South African and we are dealing with exactly the same issues here, on both fronts.

    • I am glad to hear you like the article! Try copy and pasting the address where you want to share it! You may have an easier time that way! 🙂

  6. I am a 2nd generation italian/ sammarinese american. Your husband’s a very lucky man to have a woman like you. your dead on right, the socialist agenda of big govt. entitlements only preserves poverty, breaks up families and holds all americans buying into it, back from a rewarding life of pride and contentment. Black americans like you are blessing to this country and the real americans that actually care about black communities and our country; others just tell blacks to keep buying into the system that only hurts and binds them deeper into govt slavery and poverty. if you get a chance read thomas sowell and milton friedman.

  7. This woman has a slave mentality herself and doesn’t realize it, poor thing.

    • Please explain your opinion Nadia. Don’t just do a hit an run insult please. I gave explanation of my views……….

    • I thought that when I read this as well!!

      The author fell into her own “trap” here:

      “To say there is racism today isn’t really a topic that I myself like to focus on because I’ve only felt it from my fellow Black Americans. I have never been called a nigger from a white person yet I have been called an Uncle Tom because of my political views, my way of speaking (because I don’t speak Ebonics and went to College), and a Race Trader because I am married to a Caucasian man and have a Mulatto child. Now I ask you, who are the racists?????”

      House slave, v. Field-hand, huh?

      Wow… the duality of this is just….. wow. Racism is not exempt from either side, and they are not mutually exclusive. It’s like institutional racism never has/still doesn’t exist, and the article smacks of the often false-premised “bootstrap” theory.

      The black folk the author “runs into” may have the “slave mentality” but it seems that she does as well…

      • Slave mentality, no. What was being explained in the piece was that while I haven’t experienced racism from whites, I have experienced it from other Blacks. Other Blacks tend to dislike Blacks like me because they think people like me are “too white” or “not Black enough”. It is a very hypocritical thing to do. A lot of Blacks tend to say they want to be successful and move up out of the ghetto, yet make fun of those who do. Reverse racism is still racism…… You might want to research a little about what exactly Slave Mentality is……

      • Mmmmmm…. Ya. It seems that the House Slave v. Field Negro is a concept unknown to you.

        You see, as a college educated black man and small business owner, myself, I find it funny that SOME of the things you say are true, however you fail to realize you are treating the peoples who wont and never had the chances you did with disdain because of their color…. and you are the same color as we are!!

        Your comments leave no accounting for the educational disparity, none for the good-ole’-boy network, none for the infrastructure differences (and lack thereof…) and nothing for the myriad of other disadvantages for black folk. Lack of job training, effective policing of our neighborhoods, dismantling of pre and after school study programs, and this is the extra-short list.

        Currently I am in a mentoring program in the inner city. I grew up in the suburbs and have a unique perspective on the situation, I actually moved into the city to help, not abandon it, as sooooooo many of our brothers and sisters have.

        Despite the treatment of yourself by other black folks, why not try to bring your perspective to the inner-city to help other black folks?? People helping other people…. THATS the way we bring ourselves out of where we are, not some magical “identity shift” in values…

      • Please delete me from your mailing.Thank You.

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      • You have to do that from your end. If you signed up for the blog, you can take yourself off…….

      • You assume things when you should not. I too am college educated, mentor, and have my own businesses. I never stated that things could not be turned around for the Black Community or any other Community in this piece. This piece was not about what I am doing to help. That’s a whole different piece as I do a lot of different things in the community and it would be a very long piece. Try not to psychoanalyze a person you do not know personally like that. It could have you eating crow……

    • I have to concur with your comments. …unfortunately In today’s world the overwhelming majority of African Americans “still” have within themselves internalized threads of slavery…which is nothing more than the all too well known “Slave mentality”….sadly it comes with the territory. The core paradox is that Black people themselves try to conceal, continually deny, and reject that very mind set, but the proof is in the pudding! Just, take a look around “on any given day” how Black people continue to “act out” those very same “questionable” behaviors that are directly linked with having …yes a “Slave Mentality”! Just, take a look at Black communities…they do in fact, and reality “speaks volumes”! Most, Black people are always the first to proclaim that they don’t fall into either that mindset, behavioral mode, mentality, or are ghetto in either their attitudes, or behaviors…..but it is… what it is! Why, do most “not all” Black Americans continually use the “N-Word”, or call Black women the “B – Word”? But, before moving on let me tell you that “NO ONE” on the planet calls Black women the B-Word”… more than do other Black Women! That’s, a fact! Just, because one secures a formal education, just as I also have…at the end of the day it only makes you “an educated person of color”. Just, because you may have a degree, or even several degrees that doesn’t mean that you’re still not a victim of having internalized a “slave mentality”! And, as much as I so dislike having to say this, “I’ve met more ignorant , so-called educated Black people that remain emersed in that very same “Slave Mentality”, but naturally remain in their world of perpetual denial! But, that doesn’t “free’ you up from still being a slave, nor having a slave mentality. The only remedy is for Black people to “Change” both their behaviors, and attitudes about themselves! This isn’t a process that White people can change…even though they for the most part created this “process” as it relates to Black people in America. The onus is now directly on the backs of Black people themselves. The question that begs to be asked again, and again is “If, we as a people can’t, or aren’t willing to facilatate changes within ourselves, and for ourselves then why do we, or should we expect White people to change? The last time that I checked…change begins at home!

      • What do you think it is that some Black Conservatives are trying to change? And it’s not just Black Folks with a Slavery Mentality by the way. That mentality can be found in all races, it just wasn’t addressed in this blog. If I were to go into everything by detail, I would need to write a series of books! LOL!

      • Something that I often point out is, education does not equal intelligence. Some of the most unintelligent people are extremely well educated and you can’t learn common sense. It makes me hopeful when I see people use logic over emotion on topics like this. People who succeed, do so with love and positivity. Nothing good has ever come from hate and negativity.

  8. Greetings Kuuleme I realize love is colorblind and that we are all humans but for the life of me as a African American male I will never understand how African American women,whose female ancestors were raped by white men for hundreds of years can fall in love with Caucasian men.Is it selective amnesia,rejection of African American men, the power to be colorblind and judge people by the content of their character? or is it subconscious slave mentality? ps You state that you have a mulatto child.Did you know that derogatory word was created by the the French to designate MULE a byproduct of a horse and donkey?

    • Just your statement in itself was an ignorant one. You state that you realize love is colorblind then you go on to say you don’t understand “how African American women,whose female ancestors were raped by white men for hundreds of years can fall in love with Caucasian men” Black men rape Black women too you know…..It happens everyday here in the US, in Africa, and numerous other Countries. Black men (and men from other races) also call their women bitches and hoes and we all know those are derogatory terms. Blacks also use the derogatory word “nigga”, which is the same thing as nigger, when dealing with each other. It up to you if you want to be stuck in a color mind set. I choose not to be. As I am not a slave and never have been one, it would have nothing to do with amnesia. You must have lived through something for amnesia to occur. I wouldn’t call it rejection of Black men as much as it is wanting to be with someone regardless of color that have the same goals and mindset that I do. I myself wanted a mate who believes highly in education, is a Conservative or a Republican, is very well educated himself, works hard, was not a gang banger or drug dealer, who is a team player not a control freak, who treats me with respect, who is not an aspiring rap artist, does not speak Ebonics, has family values, Christian values, doesn’t sag their pants, volunteers to help and shares in the responsibilities, and just plain has the same goals and purpose in life as I do. Those attributes and many others I have not mentioned (because it would be a book) are very hard to find in Black men, as they are rare…..What I don’t understand is how so many Blacks are stuck in slavery when they did not live during that era and continue to blame people that had nothing to do with it because they didn’t live during that era either….. I will also never understand why Blacks continue to hinder themselves and focus on the color of their skin and not on their knowledge, skills, character, and other positive attributes…….

      • Hello,
        Just passing through, read your article and found it thought provoking. However, I take some offense to your generalization of Blacks. While I do recognize that some African Americans may have fallen victim to a slave mentality, it does not apply to all. I am an African American woman who attended a public school, and like most of my friends, who are Black/African American, we are successful. I am an attorney and my two best friends are: (1) an Engineer at Northrop Grumman; an (2) a Pediatrician. Perhaps your article could be a little more credible if it acknowledged that whites collect the greatest share of public dollars when discussing entitlements.

      • I could address the White Community, Hispanic Community, and all other communities that are non-Black, but….I was addressing the Black Community as it is the one I am apart of. I also don’t go with the thinking that all people are stupid, everyone knows that there are Blacks who don’t fall into the Slave Mentality or the Entitlement Mentality. People who think of all people in one group are truly ignorant no matter how much book knowledge they may have. Even as people read the statements that are made in my posting they tend to group people on their own, not because I am grouping all Blacks in a group. That would be ignorant of me to do so knowing that I myself am not one who has a Slave Mentality or an Entitlement Mentality. I myself am very accomplished as well and I wish people would get out of the thinking that it must apply to them because someone wrote it down. People say things everyday of our lives, so if it doesn’t apply to you then you should not take offense. Thank you for your input though.

      • I always find it funny when people say I’m the one generalizing. I stated things in this piece about the Blacks I grew up around. It would be you who made the generalization…..not me…….Had I said “All Blacks worldwide” then that would be a different story……

    • OMG! Every ethnicity has raped and murdered since the beginning of time. And we also have men that wouldn’t dream of it. Treat each person as an individual. I liked the blog, it makes perfect sense. She’s right. We need to stop this slave mentality. Hating people for color or gender has got to STOP! Everyone needs an education, live a clean life, and raise a decent family. Anyone who’s against that, who cares if they don’t like it, they probably don’t like themselves.

  9. wow…I am amazed by your insight. I am a white conservative woman who is married to a black man whose father ACTUALLY was from Africa. He is all of those things you said your white husband is and cannot stand the slave mentality. His “African American” friends(hate that term, I am not Anglo American) think HE Is racist as he refuses to demean himself by using those “black man” stereotypes, AND he hates Ebonics. Guess what? He is VERY successful too, so the mind over matter really does work guys! You are a brilliant woman and I applaud you tremendously.

  10. Also you you have to understand that the progressive democrats fuel the fire of both mentalities you mentioned. Feeding on peoples fears is what keeps them in power and the ignorant in mental and economic bondage. Sure there are racist white people and there will always be just like any other races that have racist among them.

  11. Right now it appears like BlogEngine is the best blogging platform available
    right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you are using on your blog?

  12. this whole debate is pointless like wtf r u guys going to do about it im in a big brother program to embed hope in this frivolous race, simply put black people just dont give a phuck having a “good” time is top priority appropriate or not.

    IAM BLACK BUT SHOW NO SYMPATHY TOWARD THE NUMEROUS BLACK MALES INCARCERATED OR THOSE WHO INDULGED IN THE “QUICK” BUCK METHOD TO SUSTAIN AN WORK EQUAL INCOME THATS WHAT SCHOOL WAS FOR & Futhermore y vote for a black president just to take advantage of the beefed up welfare system, systems like that should only b alloted to dire need candidates but im getting off track what im saying is blacks are aware of the various benefits to better their future horizon but like i said b4 they just dont give a phuck.

    • Perhaps a bit of sympathy for those whose life experiences have not been the same as yours is required. Otherwise, the entitlement of the white oppressor resonates with in you. All blacks are not aware of the hope, the capacity, and the drive necessary to achieve their dreams. As the founder of a transitional home for ex offenders, I’ve found many confused, hurt and fearful young men, absent a clue of what it takes to change their future. The light can shine brightly in some of these men with the right involvement of those in the know.

      • You would be correct, not all are aware. They are taught to fail from the get go by their own people. If you say they can do better, they think you’re crazy. If you are an example of someone who can do better, they call you a sell out and many other names! The road to enlightenment will be long!

  13. Your article reflects a certain naite about the workings of America. Is there a greater entitlement than “white privilege?” Have Black Americans established institutions to recover and heal themselves from the trauma and residues of institutionalized slavery? Is the Justice system just, or is it rigged to protect the social status quo?
    What does it mean to be a conservative independent? Are you a social assimilator or a collaborator, a protagonist or a player hater? In my experiences as a business consultant, community activist and working within Black communities across the country, I find that Blacks tend to be fiscal conservatives, social progressives, and politically ignorant, particularly about the history of social movements that shaped change in social structures..
    There is as much diversity in opinions and beliefs (e.g., religious fundamentalists) within the Black community as there are in the rest of America. Your references to “entitlements” discounts how many govt sanctioned opportunities are rarely offered or taken advantage of by its Black citizens. Corporate and Agricultural welfare in this country is an abomination, but gets little press. Clearly, in this case what you don’t know can hurt you.
    As a Navy officer, I discovered that I could take advantage of subsidized travel, housing, education, and entry into very cushy post-military, and highly paid positions. The economic differences are often distinguished by limited access.
    Your article fails to recognize the importance of understanding the game of navigating through the multi-layered social/economic/political systems that have been created by whites to benefit whites. Until we master the game and develop counter strategies, we shall continure to fall short of full equality.
    I concur that we need to get of the racism train. To expect white males to relinquish their role as “kings of the hill” is stupidity at best and insanity as its worse. Black leaders have a responsibility to shift form “tin cupping” to creating sustainable systems and processes to benefit and promote our own self interests.

    • I was also in the Navy, but I was enlisted! I don’t think the White community per say, needs to relinquish anything. That will happen on it’s own as more Blacks get involved. I didn’t hit on a lot of things in this as I was trying to keep the reading to a minimum. Often if you put too much in a post, people lose interest in what they are reading. I may hit on some of the points you made in the future though!

    • I felt this… heres a thinker..I feel this !

      • Are you sure it is I that have been assimilated??? Or are you just going off of what you were taught and not researching for yourselves??? Assimilation works both ways you know……..

  14. This blog is right on target. I am a white female that has a black fiance and I am around a lot of members in the black community. I have noticed that the vast majority of blacks have a chip on their shoulder and are expectant or believe they deserve different treatment because they are black. I completely agree with you if the black community wants to move past “oppression” then you have to start within. I have a friend who’s husband went into a Golf store to purchase something. He said that he noticed black people shopping but none working. He went home and turned right around and called the store asking why there are no black people working there. He claims that the white person on the phone said “because black people don’t know anything about golf” He was prepared to cal the NAACP. Really? Why are you looking to stir up trouble? Why there are plenty of businesses owned by black people that don’t hire whites but that is okay. Not to mention I’m pretty sure a Golf store is aware of TIGER WOODS. In addition, why is it that black people have their own award ceremonies but can still participate in white ceremonies? Blacks are still segregating themselves. It is really a shame. Maybe it is because you are educated and are also understand the white community. I don’t know what it is but it is definitely time to move on. My fiance is educated and views things the way you do. I truly believe that if more blacks took the chip off their shoulder that they would find the majority of the world looks at them as equals. Yes slavery was a horrible thing. No question about it but it has been over for a while. It is time to move on. We enjoyed your blog very much. Keep up the great work representing your race in such a positive light.

    • Time to move on? Chip on a shoulder? Segregating ourselves?! How dare you even think to compare what this system has done to the black community to us having a seperate award show or attempting to build businesses in areas where the system won’t go because it’s been deemed valueless. You sound so vague and thoughtless in your analysis. Ok great you have a black husband, good job you’ve done your good deed for us blacks in taking one us in huh. Terrible! You wouldn’t even be able to fathom the things that black people in this nation have to put up with on a daily basis. The odd looks you receive when you walk in a high end store, the assumptions that are continually made that you are lazy or the fact that you are asked if you are an intern constantly as if you don’t look like you could be working for that organization. Personally, I’ve had so much happen that I don’t even notice the apprehension of white women when I’m on an elevator or the looks I receieve when I walk social club that I’m member off. It hurts sometimes and makes you feel like you don’t belong as if you are tying to in the first place. This is more than slavery. Whether you wanna believe it or not, your mind has been brainwashed into believing that there’s been a healing cause we have a black president and that black people can live in the suburbs or we can go eat and shop in the same places as you. Passification is what it is . The psychological effects of the many years of enslavement coupled with the reconstruction era and years to follow has created a way of thinking that compels people to feel that they have a privilege to not have to respect another group or write off their problems as “oh get over, you are free now.” We never asked or begged America for a Damn thing, all we ever desired was a fair shake. A chance to start at the same place that white America did, hell at least some access to capitol. Do some research on little Africa in Tulsa Ok. Or rosewood in Florida. Oxford north carolina. Wilmington, NC. Stir up trouble? So it’s perfectly fine for a representative to say black people don’t know about golf and its fine? To move pass oppression you have to stop being oppressed! And don’t think that because your white the same thing can’t happen or effect you. If you don’t have kids, have a son in this country who clearly isn’t white and you let me know how his day to day life goes. Before you speak, understand what exactly the problem is to begin with.

      • Please! The Democrat Party teaches minorities to beg everyday! You weren’t a slave so don’t talk to me about the effects it has on the mind! People either choose to succeed or live off of others! Think before you speak here!

      • You know it’s ok that you respond that way because I know you won’t understand. I don’t support the democratic party because they enable people period. You ma’am are the exact reason why people think the way they do. Your privilege is showing. I’ve done very well in my life but I will not forget what has occured in the past and the things the happen to through everthting I’ve accomplished. You say I wasn’t a slave and I can’t speak on its effect so because you aren’t black don’t tell me what to get over. Ok? The facts are there whether you want consign those facts to oblivion or not. You need to rationalize your thinking and be more analytical cause your analyis is full of fallacies and factless information.

      • Personally, I’ve had so much happen that I don’t even notice the apprehension of white women when I’m on an elevator or the looks I (receieve) when I walk social club that I’m member off. It hurts sometimes and makes you feel like you don’t belong as if you are tying to in the first place.

        White people do that to each other too. Why do “SOME” black people feel that EVERYONE is supposed to like, welcome them wherever they go? White people DO NOT expect everyone to like them. Some people just won’t like you. Just like some blacks don’t like blacks, some blacks don’t like white. Not every individual likes every individual. And some white will marry black, it’s just the way it is Period.

    • I was actually repspondinf to Lily but it’s funny that you responded the same way as that privleged white women did. Even in my response to your last comment, thought it was her. Wow. You’ve just proved a lot to me.

      • I’m going to try and make this short and easy for hah…just like the previous poster stated not everybody likes everybody and everybody should have the freedom to feel that way BUT furthermore black culture perpetuates those reactions…fbi/police statistics do also…as in half of adult black males accounting for all murdered people (blacks included in that stat) Start trying to change opinions and reactions not by getting mad at people for assuming you are dangerous because of your skin tone but by your actions. Dont you think that if a pagan motorcyclist was in the elevator with a white country club soccer mom she would stand clear of him too?
        I would also like to add that im not black and have had plenty of people treat me like crap or assume things about me too based on the way i dress or the fact that im a lesbian and yes it sucks but you cant change the world in 24 hrs. I mean i had either a shaved head or a mohawk for the better part of over a decade and i can tell you using a public bathroom was nothing short of total annoyance and predictability from BOTH races directed toward me. But im not going to let peoples predictable opinions of me tear me down or expect them not to have those opinions …im not going to say woe is me. Act like a human being with courtesy, hold down a job, expect nothing from nobody but my damn self and move the fuck on. I only wish that the bs i put up with was a white women being afraid of me rather than every sort of person ridiculing me over public bathrooms (as a very small example)…at least when pp are physically afraid of you they generally tend to not bother or talk to you lol.

  15. This is such a vague opinion…you have already been asimulated and your thought process has been carved….very emothional and self center thinker you are!

  16. Chattel slavery began in Babylon circa 1772 BC. See Code of Hammurabi. White Slavic Eastern Europeans were enslaved by the Romans (Slav is the origin of the term slave).Muslim Arabs enslaved White Europeans circa 1500 to 1800. White europeans were enslaved in Colonial America by the English from 1640 to 1780. Not to be confused as Indentured Servants. They were the predecessors of the African slave trade in the Americas.

  17. I am authentically black, and have been accused of not being black enough on more than one occaision, I appreciate these words and discovering that there are a few more folks that think and lean more to the right and can appreciate lending a helping hand and expecting a helping hand to be given in return.

  18. Elizabeth (Becka) Nadow

    Thank you for an insightful and intelligent piece. I was originally introduced to this topic by reading the editorial pieces in our local paper by Star Parker. As a mwf who grew up in the countryside, I don’t always understand the challenges faced by those in inner cities of different races, but I want to. I want to be able to converse intelligently about the problems, and to educate my children and grandchildren to be fair minded and color blind individuals

    I’d like to point out that not only Blacks, but all children today are faced with an entitlement mindset, and they all need to understand that they aren’t ‘owed’ anything by anyone besides love and support from their parents. It’s our job as parents to mold them into healthy, responsible, and productive members of society.
    Thank you again, BN

  19. Your article really hit the nail on the head about today’s Entitlement Society. I grew up in Northern California during the 70’s and I honestly don’t recall there being any real racism in my world. Now, my parents, who grew up in the South during the 1940’s had a different experience. I know that, historically, Blacks have had it bad when it comes to racism, but that wasn’t my experience – the Blacks I knew then and know now are hard working people who aren’t defined by the color of their skin. That is not to say they are not proud of their heritage and who they are – they are proud – they just don’t fall into the trap of thinking they are owed something more, or get anything less, than the rest of the people in the world. What I think that most of us can agree on, is that when Obama took office, we expected it to finally put racism to bed once and for all (for the sane people!). Instead, race relations are worse than I’ve seen in my entire life! I see a man who has absolute power to put his foot down and call for an end – to bring people of all colors together as Americans – and yet, he instead, he refuses! In fact, not only is he enflaming old racial tensions, he is deliberately creating racism in places it never even existed! What I am seeing in your comment section, are people who are looking for any little nit-picky thing to resist the truth. And PS: Black people don’t corner the market on slavery. I had white ancestors who were slaves or indentured servants. In fact I could find a whole string of injustices done to my ancestors that I could use if I wanted to be a victim – but that would only enslave me.

  20. Excellent post! I had never heard of you before tonight, but I will be following your posts from here on out. God bless you, and keep up the good work.

  21. Wow, seems that some of the argumentative/negative responses in some aspects kind of make your point for you.

  22. I think I understand the direction in which you intend. A part of me also believes that somewhere along the lines you dont understand the true problems of the black community. Thats okay because not everyone does. In fact its a mistake we make too often on trying to diagnose and have the solution to problems we have little to no understanding about.
    To say that the black community is the only party responsible for our modern entitled mentalities, I would say is unfair. You talk about the constant deterioration of the black communities and how we let the influence of the media, and propaganda influence our goals, but have you ever sat to think about who it is that advocates and promotes these thoughts and ideas? Did you know that Since 1995, the number of companies owning commercial TV stations declined by more than 40 percent. There are only three media giants who own all of cable network broadcasting. How many out of the three do you think are black, or any other “minority” race in America.
    I agree that our parents play a major part in promoting and advocating our children to do whats “right” but the parents are not the only ones. In modern living, Media raises our children and so does society. We cannot always be there to protect our children from witnessing the realities within society so instead we must prepare them for it when they come across it so that they will understand what is going on and know how to react.Thats why once or maybe not you’ve heard the cliche “it takes a village to raise a child.”
    In order to understand the characteristics of the black community you must understand the characteristics within the circumstances of their past. You have to know the history behind any people to understand them. History tells a people where they have been, and what they have been. History tells a people where they are and who they are. It is a fact that most of the population in America are not indigenous to this land. We come from another place. And for most black people we never benefited the luxury of knowing where we come from and who we really are. Im quite sure you know that families were sold off separately and they never saw each other again. So over time you adapt to your living circumstances and you learn to survive. So circumstantially for blacks it was normal to be separated as a family because it Had to be. Now just because a few laws changed and forced people to act a certain way does not negate the problems that were and still are in existence. You say you have never been called a nigger and such by a white person. Not one bone in my body denies that. How many people do you think would have the courage to call a black person a nigger to their face and be willing to live up to being labeled a “racist”? Because being a racist is not a norm in todays society. Of course no person in their right mind is going to jeopardize their reputation in that manner. Oh, thats another thing too, reputation we have this concept that we have to protect it and we do not want any kind of malice to be acknowledged in respects to our reputation. I feel comfortable to say that us Americans try to ignore the fact that slavery did take place and eventually will try to erase it out of history. The slavery act is not a part of the academic curriculum today. If the statement is not the least bit true then why do we get so defensive and hostile when the subject of slavery is brought up., blaming african americans for “dwelling in the past” than actually acknowledging the event.
    When the french gave the statue of liberty to pay homage to the slaves they couldn’t then bear the sight of an african face on display in the middle of their beloved city so even then they carved out a new face for her. And the oppression does not stop. Yea i agree we now have more opportunity some in a good way and others not so much. But for a black person who for centuries were accustomed to living with the slave mentality, without the proper guidance, will not know how to take advantage of these opportunities in the correct and most efficient manner. A peoples mentality is not something that changes overnight, our process of thinking is developed while we are children. Very much i think the blacks are apart of the downfall to the black community but only by not understanding the events and the meaning behind what took place then and today. How ever white people play a role just as important for putting black people in those circumstances. Many may argue that black people sold their own people as slaves which is true but we must understand the type of slavery at the time that was practiced. Being sold into slavery was a punishment like the service that jails are supposed to serve today except you were treated like a human being and not forced to live by cruel and unusual circumstances. Americans twisted the whole concept of slavery when they returned to the land and there were no telephones, no email, no international postal service for the slaves then to report the treatment being endured. Further into the forced living circumstances of the black people once slavery did end we can be sure that white people did nothing to help re socialize black people. Black people did not even get a clean slate. We couldn’t even get clean water. People are still living who witnessed those “coloreds only” and “whites only” signs. Don’t forget, slavery did not end because they jut woke up one day and sought it to be immoral and unusual treatment to the black peoples. Slavery was ended because it jeopardized their jobs. With live in slaves to farm the land they were then producing more crops than the people could buy. Nobody had jobs because people had slaves. So, the argument was to get rid of your slaves. We can not be so quick to point the finger at our own people, we should rather try to further understand the problems at hand and do what we can to ensure ourselves and our children not become engulfed to the simplistic process of critical thinking. No more just pointing the finger cause thats something we all have every body has problems but a reason lies behind every circumstance. Think about it, If you had no one to lead you to become educated or support you to stay positive do you honestly think you could have made it as easily or at all to the state in which you are able to criticize the characteristics of a society in which you share genetic background.

  23. Some of what you say makes alot of sense, but somethings i question, like, do you believe racism goes both ways? Is it possible that some blacks do get dealt a bad hand because of how other blacks act and how can we fix our race?

    • Racism definitely goes both ways. Yes i do believe that some blacks don’t get the benefit of the doubt, but a lot of that is because of how fast the rate of decline and destruction of black culture is happening. Most whites like myself are not racist, but rather want to see black american countrymen to start pulling there own weight and adding to our country. I root for blacks to wake up and see how they’re being played and have been by democrats, especially liberals. It’s a rarity to see black men with families or caring for their children these days, whether when i was living in Buffalo or outside of it. As a born-again Christian, i believe a lot black brothers and sisters say they are christians, but don’t vote it or live it accordingly, not casting any stones I’m not perfect either, but my principals are that of the my lord and savior Christ Jesus. I was discriminated out of a Buffalo police job, Mayor Brown told me he had to throw out the civil service test due to not enough black applicants, so did i give up and wait for help, no i went to school, paid by taking loans out to be a nurse where i am the minority now, which is smart. I want my God, family, and countrymen to be proud of me and see that i care about our country and about serving the Lord. The only way for ANY culture to fix itself (and it has to be that way, if whites try to help and tell the truth like i have, i and they will get attacked verbally or even physically like i have- the truth hurts) is to live the Lord’s principals; education(especially scriptural)(my people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge), ambition, get back to family life- marry a decent person and stay married and raise your children, get back to a strong mentality that says I will work hard and earn everything and not wait for it to be given to me or steal it through welfare ( i was raised with this old notion that nobody owes you nothing, you must earn it, this is biblically sound doctrine even though i was not raised christian). People like Malcolm X, even though having hatred in his heart in his early years, constantly told other blacks to go and get educated and get off the govt. handout and trap, to be self sufficient. Black americans must learn to be independent and not dependent on others, when the system crashes and theirs no more money left for welfare, and the dollar crashes, who do you think is going to be screwed the most?

      I say all this sincerely out of love for all my countrymen, please take it as this and not hatred of any kind. To be honest i believe white liberals are the most destructive people in this country, they fuel the destruction of old black culture that black freedmen fought and died for. Sincerely, Tony.

  24. you were doing so well until, “a love for God,” Why did you throw that in there. Especially when you talk about what we teach our children. Christianity came to the black community via slavery. You want to espose clear thinking and common sense, yet fall, yourself, into old traps.

    With or withour religion or a belief in a god, is irrelevant. Family values are just what they are. Teaching your kids to work hard for what they want. To never surrender to the nay sayers and to think critically are attributes that transcend any belief system. These are just good habits to ensure a fruitful life.

    Besides that though; great job! I love it when I hear my people scream, “Don’t sterotype me!” Yet when the retro jordans came out a few years ago, I’d have to make a rouch guess-timate that at least 70-80% of people waiting inline where black americans. Cross reference that with demographics from poverty stricken areas and well….we only mention the things that we see.

  25. As a black medical student, I face racism often. And many of my friends black lawyers and other professionals do as well. You may be correct to say that the black community needs help…but for you to deny racism is crazy!!!!

  26. So true great read

  27. I believe you are racist toward your own ppl you my dear have the house nigger mentality.Dont be so quick to judge a people trying to find themselves in a country not of their own . Every other races uplifts and guides each other while the black race likes to down each other and act as if they are the only smart blacks around when they get a little ahead in life. Empower your ppl i dont that wil come from u u probably have issues with your color and made sure your offspring were not born dark. You are not special honey i know a few geniuses living in the projects not discovered. if your are black u are ashamed to be so eventually life will show u what u are to brainwashed to see. Your are what Willie Lynch was aiming for divide and conquer all black ppl arent ghetto the ones that are should still be embraced all evolution takes time.I grew up in the projects and was teased for playing the violin they dont know better whites uphold whites even white trash blacks come up and look down on others and the youth thats why they are lost. You are not elite or in a class of your own…but i pity you are misguided just in the opposite way of the black misfits you speak of

    • Racist against my own people? Really? Now that is funny considering I work within the Black Community to help my community! Also, my skin may be dark pigmented, but I am of many races. I am an American first and foremost.

  28. Excellent article, and well written. I notice there are some who are disparaging what you’ve shared. I’m afraid too many people are prisoners of their own minds. They refuse to peer out and accept new ideas, or even old ideas that have not been expressed by a black woman. I am a white man who is far from prejudiced. I have a black Goddaughter, and her father and I have been good friends for over 40 years. However, the tone of racial relations today seems to be far worse that I’ve ever seen them. I will not get into politics and how I feel about whom, I believe, has fostered unrest between the races. As a public school employee, I see kindergarten and first grade black children with attitudes and distain for anyone white. This type of behavior is learned at home. I agree totally with what you said about the parents needing to step up and giving those children a chance. Unless it changes, the blacks in this country will remain “slaves” of their own design.

  29. White racism doesn’t have anything to do with the situation black people are in huh?…first of all lets understand what racism REALLY is and the motive behind it. Most people think of white people not wanting to sit next to us on the bus or calling us a niggers is racism. Those things are just BYPRODUCTS of the real thing. Racism is about using and exploiting a race of people to generate WEALTH for another race of people. We as Africans were made into slaves not because white people just hated us…it was about PROFIT and POWER at the expense of our people. With that being said, when you look into america and you see that white people have by far the most wealth (98% of it in america to be exact) how much do you think slavery has to do with that? What do you think happened to all of that WEALTH the white population generated from slavery? Did it just vanish? Lol…We live in a country where the white population owns and controls EVERYTHING and you can’t understand how it could be possible for black people to be systematically kept down?…I’m willing to bbet my LIFE that YOU didn’t grow up in the ghetto and have no real idea of how difficult it is to escape from that. You sweetheart have the SLAVE MENTALITY. You have the SAME ideologies as WHITE RACISTS about black people and if you don’t see any issue with that it just proves my point even further

    • Anyone can be a racist and it doesn’t matter what color you are. People of the same race are even racist towards the own. For example Africans don’t care too much for American Blacks as they see us as spoiled and snotty. Also, careful when you want to call out someone you don’t know. I was indeed brought up in the ghetto. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I work hard for everything I get, and I don’t let the color of my skin be an excuse for personal failure. What I do have is some common damn sense, which apparently it seems to have overlooked you…..

      • I’m married to an African woman so you can’t GENERALIZE about African people from the continent…also the reason for some africans dislike africans in america is because they buy into SAME ideology people like you buy into…this concept that the main cause for the stuggle amonst us in america is laziness and some innate problem that has NOTHING to do with WHITE SUPREMACY and white domination and control of pretty EVERY social institution in our lives…the problem is when you look into this world and see that the white population is doing much better than blacks collectively, you attribute it to some moral righteousness and hard work ethic possessed by the white population. Subsiquently you look at the position we as africans in America are in and atrribute it to some LACK of work ethic and morals and that if we could just be more like white people everything would be ok. You my dear have been MANIPULATED into buying into the concept of white supremacy…I don’t blame you though because this pyschological warfare is present in our lives from the day we are born. You have been mislead into believing that the cause of whites doing so much better than us is because of some moral supremacy while COMPLETELY missing the FACT that europeans have historically STOLE from and EXPLOITED every other group in this world…particularly AFRICAN people…you should read the miseducation of the negro by carter d woodsen (the person responsible for black history month)…also I challenge u to name me ONE book that supports your ideology and I give you my WORD I will buy it and read it

      • *subsequently

  30. Hi Kuuleme. Great piece. I love your writing. I was so drawn into your words, and I could see truth in most of the things you stated. I commend you for your bravery to speak out against the entitlement mentality in the Black community. I see things from multiple perspectives, and that perspective differs depending on the level of education and social status of those involved. The issues your bring up are not unique to the Black race. The same identical entitlement mentalities exist, in my opinion, mainly in women of all nationalities. Women hate on each other the hardest, especially when one seems to be excelling at a higher pace than the next. I own a marketing company, and I encounter people of all races, genders, and socioeconomic classes, and I notice the exact same behaviors, no matter the color. For example, there is always an ignorant, arrogant, pompous person who thinks he/she is too good. There are people who think I am supposed to give my products or services for free, as though I owe them something. The Welfare system has things messed up for women because so many things are just given freely by the government, allowing them to sit around and wait for a hand-out. Well, I really wish that people everywhere could dump that “help-a-******-out mentality, and pick up a go-getter mentality. I’ve been owning my own business since I was 15, and I learned how to write grants as a way to alleviate poverty. I grew up in Chicago’s most infamous housing projects, and witnessed so much Black-on-Black, human-against-human crime, that it sickens me. I was fortunate enough to move away to another state, and study alongside people of all races. I realize that all humans have the same desires and needs. We really should stop judging one another, and just be whoever you believe yourself to be. Stop worrying about what the next person thinks about you, and just live life to the fullest. My mother died at the age of 47, and I know that life is short. If we waste time arguing over race, then we will miss out on a real human experience. I could care less if I am called a field **** or a house **** because I don’t respond to ignorance. Sometimes when people say derogatory things to me, I ignore it and literally look the other way. When you react to people’s negativity, you have allowed them to have power and control over your actions. You are the only one who can control you. Give away your power if you wish, and you will be in a whole heap of trouble. I am speaking in general to all people who are reading this post, no matter what you look like on the outside. To me, I am all races, because I am human race, first and foremost. The Universe is connected, and what we do in America affects the rest of the world. What happens in the Black community affects the rest of the world, so we should stop isolating everyone and start including others, who are interested in advancing the Black race. I am proud to say that I am a self-sufficient entrepreneur, who no longer subscribes to entitlement programs in America. I don’t believe anyone owes me anything, but I believe I owe myself. I owe myself enough to educate myself so that I might continue to educate my children and others.

  31. Yet another who wants to speak on a community she abandoned. But that entitlement is taught out west and at PWI so this position of yours does not suprise me. You followed Barry’s philosophy aka POTUS. Goood job!!!

    • Who said I abandoned it? I still work within my community! Talk about what you know as fact please!

      • Ms. Stephens. I am most impressed with your views and your values. I know a number of black people. One of my dearest friends and former co-worker, his daughter (my Goddaughter), his sister-in-law (a renowned Gynecologist (ever read “the Ditch Digger’s Daughters? She’s one of them). All of whom have been very successful. My Goddaughter is a clinical therapist in California. Yet, when I talk to them, they still embrace that “black (my race before anything) mentality. My Goddaughter (who, in many ways, is whiter than I, and has almost never encountered racism) and her aunt are big Obama supporters. I don’t understand how intelligent, successful people, regardless of race, can still be sucked in by the “race thing.” So, to me, it’s very refreshing to read your views. Thank you. I can only imagine how difficult it is for you to maintain your values and beliefs in the face of a herd mentality.

  32. Very well written piece, more strength to your pen.

  33. Loved your article. The only way people can do well in life is through holding themselves responsible for their actions and realizing the world doesn’t owe them anything.

    73% of African American families are being run by single mothers, 73%. That statistic alone tells you there is a problem. I believe marriage, abstinence (with comprehensive sex education), and social pressure to do well in school are the 3 things that really need to be implemented by the Black community for the Black community. They would make a world of difference both in the immediate present and in the long term future.

  34. Thank God somebody gets it! I have never in my life used the N word more than some of the people in my school! They even try to encourage me to say it!

  35. I would read your blog to completion if it weren’t for the fact that I have heard this before on several occasions throughout my life. I just wanted to know if black people have the same kind of ‘inalienable’ entitlement mentality whites have. but of course we don’t, as a whole. but could we ever, and if so then would it be right in that every thing we do is questioned for its legitimacy. and if it could theoretically exist, would it be still a separate but equal condition. this is my quandary about our evolution into white society or because of it.

  36. Before you say that the problems of the black community are our problems, know the root and reason as to why the problem even exist. Upon doing that understand the deep and entangled effects don’t be so quick to pass it off as simply being a victim. Understanding is Key, agreeing is ok but understanding must be achieved to real grasp a situation and its reason for even existing. What you have done is tapped the surface and made a hasty analysis. Not acceptable

    • Since you think you know all the answers, why didn’t you put them here in your reply?

      • Never said I have all the answers. I take You as a logically thinking person who can quantify the words and thoughts that you convey. So maybe you and I can dialogue on level of working together to achieve a path to finding a solid and tangible solution or even a plan. You have my email.

  37. What a intelligent , reasonable , common sense approach to the race problem … Thank you young lady for standing up with truth and honesty .. For it is only through truth and honesty can any race save themselves …

  38. Nicely said sweet heart i couldn’t agree with you more. I also want 2 add —- That living in darkness causes you 2 walk “””‘ Further in it “””””””. So why wait on the wave of the future —–when you are the wave of the future.

  39. Slavery is closer than you think. It still exists in America and Abroad. Not to mention many African Americans still remember the Jim Crow days. While I agree that entitlements can lead to further dependence, many people need them to break the poverty cycle. As a southern white American, I’ve noticed that segregation is still an issue. Why? White people can blame African Americans for being dependent, but at the end of the day, there has to be a reason why the majority of blacks are stuck in relative poverty. I’ve noticed that there is a huge difference in the way black girls are treated compared to black boys. Why are black women so confident compared to black men? Is it born of a fear that boys will be seduced into gangs, or a marginalization of black men with regard to crime statistics? Our society is still segregated. Why??? How does this affect opportunity and loyalty to the democratic party? You have clearly demonstrated how republican has become synonymous with “white.” Saying that slavery is over, weakens your credibility with your target audience, African Americans who still feel its affects.

  40. Not sure if this paradigm(blacks are corporately lazy and victims, etc.) is a generational thing, because my parents are of the exact same opinion. However, I can certainly say that it is a class problem. I am African American, in a literal sense, I am Nigerian and an American citizen and I can say that as an immigrant to the United States, and more importantly, someone who was isolated from the black community, by economic status and cultural origin, I too used to believe that the black community’s current sad state was due to “a lack of family values” or “laziness” or “a victim mentality”. I will admit that, yeah, there ARE people within the community who are not driven, and are entitled, however I think that when you see systematic problems within a community such as ours, you have to consider outside factors beyond mass laziness, a decay of ‘family structure’ and whatever reasons you may choose from your magical hat. Fact of the matter is, blacks and whites are NOT on equal footing in America, they never have been and they certainly aren’t now. If they were, black men wouldn’t be disproportionately imprisoned for the SAME crimes as white men. If they were, black men would not have a worse chance of getting a job than white felons. If they WERE, we wouldn’t be talking about a ‘victim mentality’ amongst the black community right now.
    I’m sorry. But it’s not that simple.

    • You are correct. It is not that simple. I don’t know why people look for all the answers in one small blog. In order to cover this entirely would take a series of books, as there is a lot more information as to the history of this topic and why I have my views.

      • Exactly, I don’t understand why someone thinks that you are trying to provide all of the answers. There are so many topics that you didn’t bring up. I hate when people address me on topics other than what I have spoken of, assuming that I don’t understand that there are others issues.

      • Exactly, I don’t see why someone would think that you are trying to provide all of the answers. There are so many topics that you didn’t bring up. I hate when people speak to me about issues that I haven’t expressed an opinion of, assuming that I’m unaware that there are other issues.

    • I disagree completly. Lets remember also, that the irish were the first slaves here and were the majority of the slaves up to 1750ad. The Irish were hated by other whites, whats the difference between the Irish and blacks- simple the irish didn’t sell out there principals and there ancestors, they didn’t allow liberals to brainwash them into a mental victimhood. You state that blacks are unfairly treated and bias against, instead of complaining pity, how about asking why is the image of black men tarnished. Respect is earned is what i was always taught, black men were different before real welfare started in the 60s. Black men in the racist jim crow days in the 20s and 30s had lower unemployment rates than white men, they were less likely divorce than white men, they kept there families together and raised there children more than white men and did everything to provide for them. Today black men work less than any other american men, black men take more welfare than any other men ( the only group that takes more welfare than their percentage of the population) less likely to raise and provide for their families/children ( 72% of black men are not present in there children’s lives, next are puerto rican men at 50%) most likely to commit violent crime (blacks commit 75% of violent crime in all major or even slighlty big cities from coast to coast). And that is also why blacks are the biggest supporters of communism/socialism, because it rewards a immoral/lazy lifestyle of victimhood. Refute any of my facts. Im Italian, we were not liked either, but hard work and family oriented lifestyle and treating others with respect is why italians are respected. If black men would be what they once were, they would be respected like any other. RESPECT is earned, start working hard again, have some ambition, raise your children, stand against the communist democrats who brainwash you, take care your families, take responsibilty for your lives and actions. I do not have any prejudices, but as a man and from that viewpoint with living around black men and working in an 80% black worker factory for 9 years, i have less respect for black men than any other in this country, but the most respect out of any men for black conservative christians and older black men who dealt with real racism and not self manufactured struggles. And another thing, a man in general should not cry pity, its not manly. Black men do this more than any other. The truth is it is a cultural problem, black culture is the most depraved and self destructive of any in America. Nothing will get any better for blacks until they start looking in the mirror and saying (nobody owes me nothing, what i do with my life is my responsiblilty, the poor choices i make, all of it, I do to myself), you want to keep blaming others or crying pity, then things will only get worse for the black community and the rest of the nation. Reply anytime, yours sincerely. Tony.

      • Based off of the content of your reply, I am fairly certain that nothing I say will turn your opinion from its present state, but I will entertain you regardless, because, meh why not.

        A) Irish were the first slaves in north America= ehh no. yes Irishmen were enslaved in the Carribean they were NOT enslaved in the American colonies, those were “indentured servants” –who yes, where treated horribly, yes, may have been sold, but no were not slaves for life or and did not have the misfortune of having their entire family and all of their descendants doomed to lifelong slavery.
        Did anti-Irish sentiment exist after the end of the era they were enslaved? Yes. Did it match the 200 years of slavery and then approximately 100 years of second-hand (dare I say third-class) citizenship experienced by African Americans? I would personally say no, but we can’t exactly compare tragedies in an objective manner can we? I will say that I have read no accounts of the lynching of Irishmen, nor have I heard anything about the segregation of towns into ‘regular’ white and ‘Irish’ segments. Nor have I read anything on entire groups of Irish children being confined to “separate-but-equal” second-class schools. Those are some other differences between the Irish and Black Communities that cannot be chalked up to familial attitudes.
        My point in all of this? Considering the fact that Irish people as a community did not experience and certainly do not continue to experience comparable levels of opposition to social advancement and wealth-building as African Americans, I do think that your comparison between the two groups does fall flat.So please, don’t pull that factoid out (a factoid that is mostly espoused by white supremacist groups hoping to shut down discussion on racial disparities) in an attempt to shut down this discussion on racial disparities. You see, African Americans as a whole group are poor today for MORE THAN ONE REASON. Does laziness and dependence on government play a role on a micro-scale? Maybe. But there are plenty of other macro-economic and historical reasons that I am attempting to point out to you that are just as if not more important causes of black poverty. Like I said earlier, I used to subscribe to the same school as you, I thoughts blacks were just lazy. That’s just not true. And you are prejudiced if you believe that they are. (Definition of prejudice: “unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, especially of a hostile nature, regarding an ethnic, racial, social, or religious group.”)
        B) Statistics= I would love to know where you are drawing those interesting statistics from. . Especially the ones regarding the absence of black fathers (who are likely not in the home because they have imprisoned on drug charges, typically at a higher rate than their white counterparts: War on Drugs says hello, Stop and Frisk says Hello) I admit that I did not source my own claims in my original response. (here are my sources for my previous claims btw: Job disparities:; Unequal sentencing:; but I would love to see yours. Remember 50% of stats are made up! Also, have you ever stopped to consider the reasons behind your oddly convenient statistics? Reasons that can be empirically recorded, not anecdotes on ‘family life’. Oh and another thought, unemployment rates are pretty much higher for everyone nowadays (Great Recession of 2008 says hello!) And it would make sense that black men would have higher unemployment than in the past (Unless the time frame you were referring to was the Great Depression…) especially considering that they (black individuals) are less likely to get jobs compared to their white colleagues.

        So yeah. Respond if you want, well if you’re willing to have a constructive discussion. Otherwise I guess my work here is done.

      • You do know that indentured servants were often treated like slaves or worse, right??? You do also know that any little excuse could terminate an indentured servants contract and they would be indebted to their owner/employer for ever often including their children and family?

      • It never ends, i say this with as much respect as i can, I to this day have never met a black man who did not know an excuse for his behavior or for other men of his race, NEVER. Endentured servants/slaves very little difference. If you want to get technical, the Irish were stolen out of there homes and streets by the british, your ancestors sold your people for spices and goods. By that standard the Irish are the real slaves,but i digress- its really a moot point as all slavery/indenturing is brutal and inhumane. But you know what, who gives a rats !!!, when does that stop being an excuse to live like ignorant, irresponsible fools? The difference between white men and black men, is white hold other white men accountable and dont make excuses for them, because their still is standards in white communities. Also why when a white man or Italian, whatever people view us as, point out a true indifference about black modern culture- why is the race card or something along those lines always brought up as a defense. You cried white supremist because i used statistics from Bill O’reilly and 2012/13 FBI stats? Should i cry the race card now, or call you a black panther? that would be stupid and juvenile. Why are you in denial about what black culture has become, or more so what all american culture is becoming- its just far more advanced in the black community. You bring up drugs- who’s dam fault is it they deal drugs? Is it me the white man again? Have you ever met any drug dealers? they are some of the most ruthless scumbags their are. When i worked in that black factory (no disrespect) about 8/10 were dealing, they would drop the drugs (crack) behind the woodburning fireplace, and the addict would pick it up and drop the money. There was more black worker turnover far beyond the worker % makeup. You talk about having far less chances for work, thats such bullcrap. I went to school to be a cop in buffalo, NY- i ranked 132 out of 3500 applicants on the civil service testing. Byron brown our wonderful black lib mayor threw out the test saying sorry we are scrapping the exam results because THEIR WERE NOT ENOUGH BLACK APPLICANTS for the test, Is that not discrimination? All the top scores were white men, is it our fault black men do not have ambition? This crap has been going on since the 70’s, my cousins husband was a captain in the navy in the 80’s, he said you could look up job advancement on the computers by racial/ethnic status- if you white maybe 2 jobs would come up, black dozens and dozens if not hundreds. Dont gimme that crap, more excuses again. You what though instead of complain and whine about being discriminated against for 6 yrs. not being able to get a police job, i went back to school 2 more times (taking out loans) in a field where i am a minority- i’ve been a nurse for 2 1/2 yrs. now. I’d rather do something with my life than complain about how unfair life is. God does not promise a perfect blissful life, we all have different gifts. I respond to this website out of my Christian faith, that i and other christians should stand up and start demanding more out of all brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. If i say nothing about what is happening in black culture and all american communities than i might as well just add to the problem. Wake up, the problem is not slavery from 140 yrs. ago or racism, it is socialism/communism, these systems and people use divisiveness in any way they can to destroy.

      • Lol talks to me about respect then starts talkin bout my ancestors. Lol says he isn’t prejudiced but then goes on to generalize about my community and implocitly suggest that his community is somehow superior due to a stronger moral fiber. OK…
        Until you start showing me the sources of these stats (Bill O Reilley is a pundit, ie: professional lire) and stop relying on a rhetorical tactic besides anecdote( which can be pretty easily made up), I will have no reason to believe a word that you say. Also how can you claim to not be prejudiced when you make these vast sweeping generalizations about a community that you are not even part of, based off of exposure to a small portion of the population? If I employed your logic, I would be safe to assume that all whites are defensive, racist douchebags who believe in a system that is not only long dead, but never existed to begin with. But I dont, I don’t because I understand that populations are not monoliths and that statements on morality (lazy, irresponsible, ignorant—your words not mine) or ideology DO NOT APPLY TO ENTIRE POPULATIONS. The PROBLEMS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY CANNOT SIMPLY BE TIED TO MORALITY AND LAZINESS, such a claim would be considered prejudiced because it makes an assumption about an entire population based off of media stereotypes. Lol and liking a few black people doesn’t get you off the hook. Plenty of slave owners loved their favorite slaves, but they were still racist assholes.
        II’ll start playing your game:
        There are still standards in white communities? The same communities where heroin usage has skyrocketed? ( not even gonna bother sourcing because you do not buy I have at the very least seen it in news reports) The same community that glorifies teenage pregnancy? The same community that uses drugs at the same rates as the black community but does not get penalized for it? (Or does so at a lower rate) The same community that uses wealthfare at the highest rates? (One would think that their standards would prevent them from acting in such a manner) The community that has produced essentially all of the mass murderers in current memory? (who always seem to be “mentally ill” as opposed to being possessed of some underlying moral problem as you would have me believe)
        Now let’s talk about drugs!
        Every race uses drugs at the same rate. EVERYONE USES DRUGS! But where is the war on drugs targeted? The ghettos. (Ie: where black people live) You don’t see the SWAT team pulling up into Beverly Hills and arresting Stephen Tyler for drug use (look at the man and tell me he doesn’t use drugs) . Drugs aren’t enforced equally and you know it.
        There aren’t enough black applicants because black people generally never make it to that stage, they never make it to that stage because many of them are trapped in the cycle of poverty fostered by the poor neighborhoods they grow up in, their fractured families (fractured by this nation’s broken justice system which imprisons more black men for the same offenses than it does black men) and their shoddy schools, shoddy by virtue of the fact that policy, put into place by certain lawmakers (who are in power mostly due to generational influence) segregates black and white populations and concentrates wealth and power into white sectors of different cities and towns.
        Also what is the “race card” really? Is it some sort of imaginary bogeyman that invalidates all arguments that suggest that race plays an excessively large role in American life? Because the matter of fact is race still matters in America and . Pointing out symptoms of the problem does not connote victimhood or giving up. I am black, I understand that this “system” was never created to protect or support me, that doesn’t prevent me from trying to better myself and having ambition. (Which I do, will probably be your doctor in 11 years)
        The black man who “makes it out” of the ghetto, who lives according to all of the “standards” that you have outlined, who went to school, who pulled up his pants, who has a family, is still just one thing to authorities:
        A thug, someone who “fit the description”, a godamned target to police officers.(This has happened by the way, to a man by the name of Prince Jones, wealthy, going to college, gunned down by police officers for driving a nice car while black) Until that’s your daily reality, LIKE IT IS MINE, I have no reason to listen to you.
        This isn’t a productive conversation, I am wasting my time on you, tata.

  41. Also Kuuleme, always a pleasure. You are a shining star and a true American, you are a credit to our country, thank you for your service. Remember salt stings a wound while it cleans it, people will always attack when you speak truth when they don’t want to hear it.

  42. Alex P. Schorsch

    The plural of ass is asses, not ass’s.

    • to Gideon my friend. now im a racist for disagreeing with you about black culture? same old cowardly tactic, used by black men and liberals to deflect. Now its the police’s fault black men can’t get jobs? Now it’s the police’s fault black men sell drugs far more than any other American man? whether or not all people use drugs the same on, I honestly don’t have any data on, but I honestly believe black MEN use drugs more than any other- why- because of lifestyle- its a statistical fact that black men have by far the shortest lifespan of any americans. And what a joke, have you ever been in a white neighborhood? you don’t see pimped out cars rollin up selling dope like you do in the black neighborhoods, Another reason why-because whites do not believe drug dealing is a moral acceptable way of making money. Think im wrong, conduct an experiment, I have when I worked in a vastly black factory job for 9 yrs. The only ex drug dealer there ( and 99% of them were still dealing at the factory by the way) that said he was wrong and did it to himself was a Puerto rican man. Ive had black men tell me they had to sell to take care of their families, then asked how many children they had, and they would say oh, well I didn’t have kids yet at that time. PEOPLE like you deserve no respect, you blame everyone but yourselves, and make excuses for your lifestyles and sins while calling people like me racist ( a word you don’t understand) for pointing out its your own fault. YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM, THE POLICE ARE NOT DESTROYING BLACK FAMILIES AND NEIGHBORHOODS (BY THE WAY THEY ARE THERE BECAUSE BLACKS KILL OTHER BLACKS LIKE NOBODY ELSE AND COMMIT MORE CRIME MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE, BECAUSE OF NO FATHERLY GUIDE, LIKE I SAID BEFORE BLACK MEN DONT RAISE 75% OF THEIR CHILDREN) THE POLICE ARE NOT TAKING MONEY OUT OF BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS AND PUTTING IT IN WHITE NEIGHBORHOODS LOL. BLACK MEN SELL DRUGS MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE PER PERCENT OF POPULATION AND THEN BLAME THE COPS FOR RUINING THEIR LIVES BECAUSE BLACK MEN LIKE YOU THINK ITS LEGITIMATE TO SELL DRUGS. Why do cops supposedly target blacks more for drug dealing- because blacks sell drugs more obviously. IF BLACK MEN STARTED LOOKING IN THE MIRROR AND STOPPED LOOKING AT THEMSELVES AS VICTIMS, JUST LIKE THE DEMOCRATS WANT YOU TO KEEP SEEING YOURSELVES AS, AND STARTED TO BLAME THEMSELVES THINGS WOULD CHANGE. Never said anything about laziness either, I work with hard working black women, a few i would love to date, but I guess since im a racist I cant right? Its a victimhood mentality. when you see yourself as a victim, you believe you can never succeed because everyone is against you, so you put no effort into anything, and start to believe that you are owed something for doing nothing. This is your attitude, and im sure you have no problem with student aid- making other people pay for your so called doctorate you are going for right, since your poor poor victim self deserves it right? IM SO TIRED OF BLACK MEN LIKE YOU WHO CALL EVERYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH YOU A BIGOT OR RACIST, STOP BLAMING ME AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO DOESNT LOOK LIKE YOU FOR YOUR COMMUNITY’S CULTURAL COLLAPSE. ITS AN INSIDE JOB. MAYBE YOU ARE THE RACIST SINCE YOU BLAME WHITES FOR ALL YOUR PROBLEMS. GOD GIVES US LIFE, ITS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO USE THE GIFTS HE BLESSES US WITH, NOT BLAME EVERYONE ELSE AND MAKE EXCUSES FOR EVERYTHING.


      • To Tony

        It’s pretty hard for someone who is not effected by racial bias to fully comprehend what is going on. Everything you have stated that is written in bold writing seems to be coming from a place of emotion, I could be wrong but that’s how it comes off to me.

        I’m interested to hear your opinion on how blacks should escape their current state. It’s easy to say just get a job and stop being lazy, but do you honestly think every black man on the planet is lazy?

        That’s a pretty large blanket statement. What do you have to offer to the debate that can provide some upliftment, and really do you care?

        It’s responses with terms like lazy and violent that further polarize the debate and offer no solutions.

        Your -stop crying victim statements- hold some water, but I think you simplify things a bit too much.

        someone in this thread wrote that whites and blacks are not on equal footing in this society. To me it’s very clear that this statement is true. If blacks and whites were on equal footing (no systemic barriers) then the opinions you have about black men may not exist (provided these opinions are not based in some type of prejudice).

        Why? because we’d have equal access to good jobs and education, not to mention equal penalty for equal crimes.

        The statements you’ve made about crime kinda make me think you see crime as an almost exclusively black phenomenon. I only bring this up because you say blacks are brainwashed by the Democrats, but you seem just as brainwashed by television/media.

        The media reports about black crimes very often, and crimes by whites far less. There are one of 2 answers that can be true:

        Either blacks commit more crimes or white crimes get televised far less. I leave that to you to ponder (or not)

        Lastly crime is usually about desperation and lack of opportunity. If blacks in poor neighbourhoods had access to better jobs and education there would likely be a drop in crime.

        But hey you seem to have it all worked out what do I know.

        All I know is if you were trying to effect change by your statements you missed the mark

      • equal footing? you make your own footing. how have jews, Italians, irish, arabs, Indians, and Asians all done well in our going out of style free market capitalistic country? Easy, they were all self reliant people. All were predjudiced against as well. Whites built this country and founded it. blacks were brought here from Africa because the white slaves( irish)bodies were not made for the hotter environment. The Africans sold their own into slavery. Their is equal footing today, actually its tilted towards black men today, reason why I couldn’t get a police job in buffalo. Also tv only shows white on black crime these days, don’t know what news you are watching. You are right about one thing though- blacks must lift themselves up and do it themselves, also why blacks are in their current predicament- they believed the lies that LBJ and the dems told them- that they couldn’t make it on their own. welfare was made to be a trap to get blacks to vote dem for decades to come. You can read LBJ’s racist comments on your own, he still got like 78% of the black vote to, which is frigging amazing. IT is not whites faults- I cannot say this enough- everybody is responsible for their own situation- it is on you always. how many decades must go by before black men drop the victim mentality. Its pathetic and weak, I have no respect for any man who plays the victim card- period. Education is important, but culture/values are the most important- a father and mother in the home, will do more good for the blacks and really all America than anything else. Money comes and goes, education cannot replace a father in the home, a traditional family cannot be replicated by anything- their is more power in it than any thing you can come up with. Take a kid from the ghetto= give him riches, he still acts ghetto and has no class. Did you know the NFL has special classes for black men on how to act like men- no joke. crime is not caused from poverty, its caused from poor values and poor culture with fatherless homes. In buffalo where the population is very Italian and irish, they came over with nothing and had nothing, but weren’t killing each other in record numbers, they had values= they believed in hard work, family, faith, country. My friend until you stop making excuses for your life and that of other blacks, you will never get off the ground. Italians were hated by other whites and were poor, did they cry to the govt. or anyone else, no- they looked to themselves through self determination, knowing and believing the one thing black men do not believe- THAT NOONE OWES YOU ANYTHING, YOU MUST EARN YOUR OWN WAY. Your so consumed with what happened 130 yrs. ago, you now make every excuse as to why you can’t do this or that, im sorry its a crock of crap. So done with arguing this nonsense, does God’s word say we are victims? Is it Christian to have a victim mentality? If blacks want to keep playing the victim card, they will never advance in this country and will always be at the bottom destroying themselves from the inside.

      • you also said something about equal footing and no barriers, that question has been answered in history actually- what advancement did Africans ever make in their society? none, it was Europeans that had to come over and teach and build everything for them. Africans are the only people on earth to never better themselves- not saying that as a racist statement, I apologize if it comes off that way. Black men have a better chance at getting than any other group of men, they just don’t have the ambition of any other American man. It’s that simple, you’ve bought into this victim crap and blame game. Also since the topic is also persecution, no people on earth have been more persecuted than the jewish people, yet they continue to thrive in any society- how do you explain that? why do we never hear jews complaining of grievances? The jews are hated/predjudiced all over the world, more than any other ethnic/racial group on this planet. They succeed cause they keep their families together and have values and integrity. Blame all you want, it only makes you look weak.

      • the difference between prejudice against blacks vs jews, Italians and Irish is choice. The latter groups chose to come to North America to make a better life for their families. Blacks were brought here against their will to be slaves and make the lives of slave owners easier

        There were also systimatic measure put in place to ensure blacks stayed enslaved mentally (part of the reason this thread has the term slave mentality in the title)

        Other groups came with their families a built in safety net. When slaves were brought here from Africa, all family ties were systematically cut, family members were split to isolate slaves from each other.

        Willy Lynch’s essays on controlling and keeping slaves detailed how effective and essential it is to break black families apart in order to prevent uprising and keep the slave docile and controllable.

        So yes I agree that family values are as important as opportunity, access and education in terms of comitting or not commiting crimes.

        I guess I just have a problem with your limited scope of the whole issue. North american blacks were PURPOSELY conditioned to behave a certain way: needy, inert and without self direction. A person like that is easy to control.

        This conditioning has been passed down through the generations to the present day and you wonder why things in the black community are the way they are.

        My main point is this the state of the Black community is the fault of bith whotes and blacks.

        Whites: for robbing blacks of their freedom, familial identity and self direction

        Blacks: for not fully taking advantage of the opportunities (even though not on par with their white counter-parts) now afforded them.

        400+ yrs of conditioning cannot be undone so quickly, that’s generations of reinforced ideas about what it means to be black in America. Not to mention Whites have conditioned themselves to seem superior.

        I see it in your writing. you mentioned that thanks to whites North america and Africa were built up. Okay, but I’m pretty sure Native North Americans don’t see it that way, I’m sure the Bantu people of South Africa don’t see it that way.

        That whites built this and whites built that brings to mind the idea of the white man’s burden.

        It’s up to the “good old white man to save the day. Who says the white idea of success is the correct idea or made sense in an African or Native American context? It didn’t, that’s why both groups are severly disenfranchised.

        I look at what the white man has built and I see PAIN, INJUSTICE ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS and above all else GREED.

        I do not for a second believe that it was out of the good of their hearts they built up Africa, pretty sure it was to userp land and claim precious resources.

        So I guess the circle will continue:

        Blacks will play the victim card, whites will play the white man’s burden card.

        that is until there can be some dialogue about SHARED responsibility. that’s not to say i expect blacks to receive any handouts, I just think progress cannot be made if we continue to blame each other.

        Listen, I dislike the victim role as much as you probably more so because they’re my people, but I also dislike it when someone attempts to make a point without weighing all the facts.

      • 1st off, the irish were the 1st slaves here (indentured servant was the white name for white slaves) they were children stolen off the streets by the English and forced to be slaves while on the other hand the African tribes gladly traded their own people for goods and spices. So the irish were in the exact same boat is the black slaves when comes to slavery, except they had were taken and not given away by their own people. they also were the majority of the slaves for the 1st 150 yrs. in this country. Their skin could not handle the environment and that is why they went to Africa for slaves. ALso the Brits hated the Irish in a deeply routed manner, they didn’t care for the Africans one way or another. And yes you are still playing the victim card I see, tell me then, how many yrs. does it take for it to be enough. ALso the Jews have been slaves and treated like garbage everywhere they have been scattered to, for you to actually compare African pain to Jewish pain is a joke.Not to diminish black suffering- Both have deep routed pain, but the no race/ethnicity is constantly threatened with being eradicated from the world everyday and way back into the past as the jews have been. but you never hear the jews complain or play the victim card, or for someone to come and help them like helpless mentally victimized blacks, nor do the Irish do. Just black American men, when does it end. I of course don’t believe your statement either as even in the jim crow racist times, black American men, had a lower unemployment rate than whites, committed less crimes than white men, and kept their marriages and families together better than white men- how do you explain that with this so called victim barrier today that modern black men can’t get over, but your grandfathers and great grandfathers did, probably as 1st or 2nd generation freedman? Its all a crock of crap, you and most blacks have been played by the socialist democrats who have been brainwashing you to vote democrat telling you this is a racist country and you can’t make it on your own, cause of a 140 yr. ago past you had nothing to do with. What did LBJ say with the invention of our modern welfare system- his words not mine- (they are vulgar, just to warn you) the democrat LBJ in ’65 said ” these niggers are getting uppity these days, we have to throw them a bone, I’ll have them niggers voting democrat for the next 120 yrs.” Welfare was a plan to produce a victim mentality like you and most blacks have unfortunately to control how you vote. AND THE SAD thing is like 78% of blacks voted for him with what he said. this is a documented fact about what he said. Your not a victim, should I play the victim card for not getting the buffalo police job I qualified for- but was told sorry- we have enough white applicants just not enough black applicants, so we are canceling the test- was this my fault? Or that blacks could come from everywhere all over the country to take the test, but whites had to be living in Buffalo at the time of the test. I refused to cry discrimation/victim so I went back to school to become a nurse. 7 yrs. of school to become an RN. But I earned it, no griping from me, that’s how it is- so be it, I will still succeed for my family, country, Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

      • Just curious, how do you know you didn’t get the police job because you are white? Also what show(s) are you watching that only depict white on black crimes? I’d be interested to see what your interpretation of white on black crimes looks like on the news.

        Are you talking about Trayvon Martin or the Charleston murders?

        Just to clarify, I said the news depicts blacks comitting crimes more than whites. I did not mention black on white crime.

        To be perfectly honest, I truly believe those stories (Charleston and Trayvon) got so much coverage for 2 reasons:

        1. they were atrocious crimes worthy of the sensational nature of the media

        2. to create an even larger rift between blacks and whites, punctuated by the fact that Zimmerman is still a free man after committing MURDER.

        let’s flip it to put it in a context that may hit home for you: ask yourself how you felt when OJ Simpson was found not guilty? Was justice served?

        Something else bothered me about your response. You say the Democrats brainwashed blacks into being dependant on welfare. But who was the system created by, I know it wasn’t black people.

        And doesn’t the act of brainwashing someone denote malicious intent in favour of the person(s) doing the brainwashing?

        I still say both sides are at fault for very different reasons

      • Not sure why you think I’m playing the victim card, I’ve repeatedly stated blacks are at fault too, but I cannot give whites a pass in all this.

        All I’m asking you to do is take an objective look at what has happened to the black community, the conditioning that has been perpetuated throughout the generations. I really don’t see how that is playing the race card. I’m explaining facts

        If you believe this is playing the race card then the divide between whites and blacks will never be bridged.

        Again I agree that person responsibility needs to be addressed but that responsibility is not exclusive to blacks.

        Again not looking for a handout as I’ve stated previously, however, you seem to gloss over that part of my response.

        You keep saying the democrats brainwashed the black community with their socialist agenda, but the majority of them are white. Yes ,Obama is black but he has only been in “power” for less than 8 yrs, pretty sure the brainwashing didn’t start there.

        So what if 78% blacks voted for the democrats in LBJ’s time? in a 2 horse race there isn’t that many options. Voting for the lessor evil is not a new concept.

        Maybe the Republicans should’ve thought of the idea first.

        At any rate if you truly believe America is free of racism this will be my last response. I hope your lord and savior Jesus Christ will open your heart and your mind to the possibility that there are things going on in America that are pretty heinous and cause serious suffering to those who are not part of the ruling class.

        Congrats on becoming a nurse, may you promote health and wellness to ALL Americans

      • oh ya, forgot to mention that I am aware of blacks trading slaves for various resources. again everyone played a part in this issue.

        By the way where’d you get your stats about families staying together vs being broken. I wasn’t aware they had those types of census reports around the time slavery was abolished and in Jim Crow days.

        Seriously, I’d like to read these findings. If what you say is true then that may be a good place to start to look for answers.

      • your an ignorant asshole…you have clearly only been educated on an opinion of black americans

  43. I was just debating this topic due to the Baltimore riots. Blame, blame, blame. While there is validation in the argument to disadvantages, self responsibiliy is highly disregarded

    • Gideon you are a fool, and only make my point every time you open your foolish mouth. You are right though, their is no hope for people like you. You think you are such a victim it’s pathetic. Black men like you are the reason why I don’t and most people don’t black men, you blame everybody but yourselves. AND YES CULTURE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU COULD EVER UNDERSTAND. I respect the hell out of black American men of the 20’s-50’s generations, they endured REAL racism, not this fabricated crap of 2015, that pathetic boys not men like yourself try to portray as real. Those MEN, lived it in the real jim crow racist days, kept their families together better than white men of their day, outworked white men of their day, and did so without money. But you say its all about poverty and wealth disparity, my ancestors (Italians) came here with nothing and kept their families together and worked hard as your ancestors did in those days. Wealth disparity is a bunch of crap- its culture, integrity, old fashioned American Christian beliefs that matter. I never said its only blacks either, the whole country is collapsing for the same reasons- we sold out Jesus Christ- its just further accelerated in black communities cause you let yourselves be deceived into the victimhood mentality by democrats. You hate the light don’t you? shining truth into your black victimhood circles you stay in, sorry my man but you are deceived. PS- FOR YOU AND ALL MODERN BLACK MEN, FIND SOME OLD FASHIONED 80-90 YR. OLD BLACK MEN/WOMEN WHO HAVE ENDURED REAL RACISM AND THEIR STUGGLE AND LEARN FROM THEM. GO TO A NURSING HOME LIKE I WORK IN AND LISTEN TO THEM, SHUT YOUR IDIOTIC MOUTH AND LISTEN. I HAVE, 90 YR. OLD WOMEN FROM THE DEEP SOUTH, ALABAMA/MISS. THEY DON’T RESPECT YOU, THEY HAVE TOLD ME SO. THEY WORKED HARD AND ENDURED WITHOUT COMPLAINING KEEPING THEIR FAMILIES TOGETHER. YOU KNOW LITTLE ABOUT RACISM, YOU PRETEND WE LIVE IN THE 20’S. GET RID OF THE CHIP ON YOUR SHOULDERS AND SHOW RESPECT TO PEOPLE AND YOU WILL GET IT BACK.

  44. Steve Richman

    I applaud your definition and explanation of both Slave Mentality and Entitlement. However I feel that if personal images are going to be improved and (yes, we agree) that education is the key to a brighter future. This is where it seems we veer from each other. All of society must make improvements in the educational system in America. I see the inner-city schools lacking both in physical structure, leadership and supplies. Training for “high tech” jobs is needed but then again so is training in “trade” skills and everyday skills such as budgeting, shopping and cooking. Teaching must be the same whether it is in Westchester County in NY or in the Barrios or Ghettos of Los Angeles. All of society it seems is lacking in morals. Look at who produces the movies and the electronic “games” our young people play. Madison Avenue is partially to blame as they tell us that $150.00 sneakers is the cool thing to have and cars that do well over a hundred miles an hour give us a certain “image”. Yes, Ms. Stephens, we all have to take a certain amount of the blame.

  45. The state of black is everyone’s fault, whites cannot be absolved from this.

    Our current condition was started by whites in an effort control and maintain slaves, I believe they are called the Willy Lynch documents.

    However it is definately up to us to eliminate these issues, and of course, education is the key. In this respect I believe it is very important for young blacks to receive education that uplifts and enlightens

    In my opinion this can only be done through a wholesome curriculum dedicated to tearing down the notions of the past, and also as you stated finding ways to move forward.

    I think at this point there needs to be more institutions that speak directly to the issues of black peoples across the globe.

    This is where your point about entitlement comes to play. We cannot expect the government to create these institutions, we must do it ourselves, or really what’s the point. we must teach ourselves to be self sufficient and worthy of respect

    The information being taught in these institutions has to come from us, or we might as well continue consuming the same Eurocentric values that are imbeded in our current systems of education.

    I think it is unfair to further victimize the victim especially since they are unaware of what is happening. Ignorance can be an ugly word, but really it just means lacking in knowledge.

    I don’t think it’s cool to insult anybody for not knowing what they do not know. Instead, of hurling words like ignorant, a moment should be taken to explain what is missing from their knowledge base.

    This in my opinion is where change really starts, on the micro level, institutions are there to further support micro level changes.

    So, it’s not just the so called ignorant blacks that are being lazy, we as for lack of a better term, enlightened blacks need to stop victimizing the victims and find a way to help them out of their ignorance for the sake of the whole race.

    • Oh so tell me what is physically holding you back now? What law or person says you cannot be an equal in this country by your own accord? Tell me what Jim Crow laws still exist?

      You have a mental barrier, not a physical one. Your mind is weak.

      • There are no laws, just the risidual effects of over 400 years of conditioning. That’s 400 yrs of momentum to contend with. Slavery was abolished in 1865, that’s only 150 yrs ago. Not even half the amount of time that we were treated as sub-human.

        It’s only been 50 yrs since there were any civil changes in terms of the explicit racism that was allowed to permeate all of our institutions. Whites only bathrooms and the like existed in the 60’s.

        That’s fairly recent. Even more recently, the sanctioned killing of blacks throughout this so called great nation, by those who have sworn to protect the citizenry (Police) is appauling. The fact that no charges are ever laid sends a very clear message: You are not worthy of justice…….. seems pretty phyical to me, but my weak mind may be misinterpreting what I’m seeing so PLEASE, help me see your point of view.

        It would be nice if change happened more quickly but change is slow. A critical mass of the population has to be enlightened before movement can be made with any great strides.

        Unfortunately we are not there yet, there’s too much lag from the past and too much present day neo-slavery to deal with.

        Can you elaborate on why you believe I have a mental barrier? Perhaps I do, but why not help me (us) to see your point instead of accussing people of weak mindedness???

        It seems these days it’s easier for us to sit behind computers and hurl insults at each other, but when it’s time to be solution focused no one’s home………

        Troll Life forever I guess 😦

  46. Marcus Coleman

    I wonder the author only applies the entitlement mentality to blacks? Does the Jew, Native American and Japanese American get awarded the snide title of entitlement mentality. HELL NO she wouldnt dare. This hatred is reserved for her own people. Did the entitlements given help these groups? YES. WITHOUT A DOUBT.
    And this author clearly doesnt know her history about her own people so sadly she cant learn from it. It appears she got upset about an experience or conversation she had with one of her own kind and came up with this entitlement mentality nonsense.

    • I know history very well thank you. I also know you can’t cover every aspect of it in one blog! Apparently you do not. This blog addressed on aspect not all of history or it’s people. If I were to do that, I would need to write a book.

      • I wouldn’t even mind that ignorance. Lazy people hate the truth. If he accepts the truth, that means he will actually have to be accountable for his own lack of achievements

    • yes i so agree with you

      • Not sure why you called me an a$$hole in one of your above responses that I believe was addressed to me.

        I’m asking questions, but I am met with insults, I don’t understand why? What’s the basis of your attack? Because my point of view is different than yours?? This is the reality I am living with. I am black, so my reality and the lense I view the world through is gonna be that of a black man. Is that not fair?

        I’m not here calling you names and making inferences on the type of education you received (or didn’t). I’m looking for answers, you said I’m ignorant so help fill in my knowledge gap as you see it.

        If you disagree that’s cool, just explain your point of view instead of calling me names, or is this the example I am suppossed to follow??

        If your response was not intended for me then please disregard

  47. I am so glad you weren’t scared of the truth. The truth black people still refuse to hear.

  48. i find this article to be quite ignorant, beside you stating more facts about slavery having to do with todays issue in the black community ,your missing the whole point of the long term effect of psycology abuse on an entire have a point that their are too many black americans who rely solely on the gonverment and should be taught other wise but that mere mentality is the effect of slavery we may not be shackled, whipped, or hung but we are enslaved in so many ways which is far worst. emancipation doesnt mean our minds are free of slavery but that we are now free to do what “we want to do” but in all reality the options vary .i can go on but ypu get my point.

  49. This was well said and for the most part I agree. I believe that it does overlook one point, and that is with drug addiction you combine the entitled mentality with the slave mentality. This is no longer an issue that affects just african americans, but many of our youth today regardless of gender or race. It has become a HUMAN problem.

  50. Your pieces are being used by white supremacists to vilify black people. This piece in particular about “entitlement mentality” is especially problematic for a few reasons. The first and foremost reason, in my opinion, is your neglecting to discuss the entitlement mentality that is personified every day by whites. Do you see white entitlement mentality as an issue? It’s basically the backdrop of every day life in this country. I am an African American woman, Ivy League educated, and a professional. I work for what I have. I live in an upper middle class neighborhood. And yet I see the discrepancies in our society and how they affect people, particularly poor people of color. And, I also know the history of many of their problems. Since black people are often seen monolithically, it seems to me that we should be concerned with their plight and work on their behalf, not vilify them. I feel that you are making things harder by your lack of even-handedness in this piece. Entitlement is the purview of white society in all ways and yet you single out black folks, perpetuating a stereotype and a myth. I’m disappointed and annoyed, because one of your white followers is using this piece to somehow justify the recent brutal assault of the teen girl in South Carolina. Yeah–pretty senseless don’t you think? I’m not sure how your piece has any relevance in the case, but these are the people who are looking at your pieces. I think you probably mean well(?), but your simplistic arguments aren’t really doing well.

  51. sean I have to agree with you that whites cannot be absolved of what has happened to American blacks, in actuality I believe it is the white liberal who is the most evil person in the world. it was white liberals who created the welfare system as a new more thought out plan off racial attack on blacks, than the old racial bashing that got them nowhere. We agree here, but black americans- my countrymen need to get back to family and old fashioned values of ambition and away from rap glorifying the gangster lifestyle and also break the generational curse of welfare. Again the welfare system is not your faults- it is the white liberal, but its time for black men and women to be educated on this, that I why I love ben carson, and hope he becomes the next president- I applaud what he did, going into the streets of harlem and educating other black americans on the real truth the deceiving welfare scam of destruction through a false outlook of care on the outside, but rot on the inside. My friend I pray for all my fellow americans to do well, to have close loving families, their own home, a good job- we all need each other to succeed for our nations sake. that goes for all americans. my best prayers for the black community to find the truth and lift themselves out of the ghettos all around the country- because that is the only way it can happen.

  52. I’m impressed by your blog. As a white guy that has lived in the south and fought against those that insisted I hate people based on race, sincerity is something I can offer. Now I’m 48 years old and decided to dig into this subject matter.

    I now believe the problems the black community faces revolve around the larger community self image. There are certain subjects in society which are essentially tabboo which we avoid because of fear of offending others. For example, the average IQ of a prisoner incarcerated in the USA is, I’ve read, about 85-90. THIS makes intelligence a factor rrelated to crime. Certainly drugs, unemployment,you his and mental illness are factors as well. But these factor’s relate to all races.

    Is it wrong that anthropological differences play a factor in the pool of individuals seemingly most greatly affected by social problems? I don’t feel superior or inferior to Asians because I am white. I’m thinking that seeing these horrible statistics as a factor the black community needs to face is not a bad thing. I’d say, fight the Bell Curve, instead of wasting time protesting the fact that six foot two black male juvenile deliquen weilding a knife in the middle of a road while high on PCP; got shot by police. Im concerned that by ignoring basic Information about ourselves as a society we are creating a bigger problem.

    Maybe this is a bit disjointed as a response but I’ve never felt the need to impress anyone based on race but unless respond to social problems realistically we are not improving anything. Perhaps these social ills are connected to poor mental healthcare, and then drug use and poor education results are the trickle down reality. Respond to reality rather than ignore it,only then can you prepare black youth for life in general.

  53. I understood this article and I commend very entity of it. I am left in thought…yes, these are solutions and no we should start focusing on ourselves and become lesser victims in the blame game. However, who do you think it was at first to introduce images of the black community in the beginning? We were not in any mainstream positions such as media of all sorts and if we were our say certainly didnt have weight due to our place as the minority. So the mindset here was birthed and its rooted deeper in mentality bc it became more than a race game btwn whites and blacks… people internationally were able to have access and depict from what media of all sorts portrayed blacks to be. Lets be clear…I understand again and totally agree but you have to first understand how deep the (dope) sold to us…and I dont mean literally drugs…im speaking dope as in YOU Me We Blacks Niggas Negroes..Our great grandma and granddad never owned any corporations or were shareholders for that matter of any…some but not majority. Look at black wall street…the Reagan scandal etc I can name for days how if any progression was ever to be made within our communities THE SYSTEM always prevailed to be unruly in our favor. So yes it is easy for us to understand what we must do, but the dope is so deep and misconstrued to the point of this… I dont care if youre an educated black person or not. You can stand for some for of change totally different as myself… but the damage is so deep sistah and maybe u will agree maybe u wont. I didnt take time to write this for an applause, its merely my opinion and experiences. YOU ARE AND WILL ALWAYS REMAIN AT THE END OF THE DAY NO MATTER HOW THE EDUCATION, COMMUNITY ETC STARTS TO REVERSE CYCLE AND CHANGE/EVOLVE…YOU WILL ALWAYS BE SEEN AS A BLACK PERSON OR PERSON OF COLOR IF YOU WANT TO START TALKING ABOUT THE MEXICANS AND HOW THEY HAVE IT JUST AS BAD AS US except for the mentality in them is to build together no matter what. This just where my thoughts were and are left off…its easier said than done. But I overstand with u I just want it to be clear u cant have a solution without knowing how deep the Cause was and its effect.

  54. Thank you for this article. You are awesome.

  55. Ur on the wrong side of the equation and sound embittered. Tell me about Escape from blackness and AA embitterment, that’s what u r well versed in. And as far as I’m concerned, from the evidence you are not qualified to give that distinction or any other about “black” issues so stfu trying to pander to what u visualize as the majority views…

  56. All praises to you sister for your well thought out and articulated opinion. However, blacks have not arrived to the circumstances in which we exist purely from our own volition. Across the black continents, the minds of people of color, and others, europeans have carefully constructed a mentality of the underclass, to serve their needs. This continues today. Loving, and kindly teaching, people of their value, and potential is reparation for the “Slave, and Entitlement mentality” of which you speak. Brow beating an already broken people is not the pathway to an enlightened revival.

  57. You are cleary blind to a lot of things.

  58. Interesting article. I have recently been thinking about my friends. I am white but have hung around black people my entire life . Not for any other reason than happenstance but recently I have been thinking about how they think. I realize that they have all been beaten before the fight even begun. They give up on life because they believe because they are black they have no chance. This message has to be given to them at home because most people’s values and outlook on life start in the home. I think it is sad that they roll over and give up because of what they have been told.

    • It was all a scheme by the white liberals in the 60’s. A deceitful plan to take away hope and replace it with hopelessness and anger. I cant stand white liberals, never could, very fake people. The only thing these socialists care about is power at the expense of others. I am proud of what trump did- going into black communities and including them in america and telling them hes going to bring back jobs to our black communities and all communities. shame on the republican establishment as well for not doing this. Its time us conservatives take back our party and create wealth and the american dream for all americans.

  59. Really impressed with your article, keep up the great work!

  60. I’ve been disturbed by the violence children are surrounded by in our poorer urban environments. I thought it was my race, my caucasian race who was to blame for ghetto brutality and sadness. Now I’m realizing it isn’t our fault. We can help but we cannot change something that people seem to be perfectly happy with, or not willing to give up and find a way out of. It’s crazy how I now see. I had blinders on. Fingers are being pointed at the wrong faces.

  61. I liked the article a lot.

    Want a solution, Be like us asians.. DONT COMPLAIN, beat your kids for getting a B, slap kids if they disrespect elders, its all what goes in the house that comes out. Stop blaming unfair this and that and get your shit together! Get over the past every race has suffered in one way or another!

  62. Some of your assessments are true, while others are narrow minded and way off base. Like you stated, many enslaved Africans were never freed because Lincoln didn’t have the authority to free them, and he only did so in southern states. According to your article, COINTELPRO didn’t exist. The burning of Black Wallstreet and rosewood never occurred. The KKK is just a figment of our imagination, along with redlining and other discriminatory tactics used to keep Blacks from achieving financial independence/success. You have forgotten that many legislated ACTs in the federal statutes were enacted to entitle whites to certain rights and privileges, e.g., Homestead Act, Veterans Act, Housing Act, and other acts that blacks were blocked from taking advantage of. Obama bailed out major industry leaders and saved their businesses in a so-called free market economy, where other businesses were left to fail. Don’t know of too many, or any black businesses that were similarly rescued. Take into consideration the cheating scandals of Black teachers who also mis and undereducate black children. Yes, we suffer from a lot of maladies when it comes to our societal behaviors and lack of achievement, much of which is on us to correct. But when we attempt to correct those maladies, tell your republican cohorts to stay out of our way.

  63. The hip hop movement that started in the 80’s ruined the black community…..
    These pioneers are now grandparents, raising their kids in this lifestyle….
    You are an idiot if you dont see that:
    Prison is cool
    Fathering as many kids as you can is cool
    Pimping/hustling is cool
    Arrest records are cool
    Treating women like hoes is cool
    Raping the system that was designed to help is cool (welfare)
    Drug dealing is cool
    Walking with a limp is cool
    Sneakers are cooler than paying child support
    Each generation tries to out nigga the last….
    The black community is doomed..
    There is no hope.
    It will get worse…..never better….
    I care about all races…..i dont care to help anyone who lives the ghetto/hip hop lifestylsle…and i dont owe anyone anything…

  64. An excellent, and powerful write!, Mrs. Stephens and I’m not even from the Black Community.

  65. Very enlightening. Dare I say these issues you’ve mentioned are also affecting the African community in a post colonization era.

  66. Thank you Kuuleme for the article “Slave mentality vs. entitlement mentality”. Thank you for having the courage to point out the truths that we in our own race need to face if we are to change and improve. I as an educated Black American male in his mid 50’s think that we (the Black American race) are our own worst enemy in certain ways. But I don’t dare express it out loud to fellow blacks because instead of looking at the logic they look at me as a traitor.

    • Yes they do! I am SO glad that another Black American understands how I feel. Just like you I am not a sell out but when you give those of our communities the “real”, they are ready to attack you. Sigh. Sometimes the truth hurts but they only way to fix problems is to face them.

  67. Michelle Carroll

    what do you call the people from Africa??? the people from the actual continent that flights here to find water, freedom, opportunity and free education??? did you tell them go back because generations of black people still struggling??? \Africa still exist and there is more out there going out plus the rest of the world. Sorry you were born in the USA, poor things. There is religious discrimination, disabilities, image discrimination, sexual discrimination and still counting so cry me a river if i don’t feel extreme sorry for the struggle. My best friend is a Korean refugee that was sold to sexual slavery. She came to the US work three jobs and have 5 successful restaurants now. She never allowed me to feel sorry for her instead she reminded me about how blessed she was bout coming to this country. The race card and background cards are long overused. Go fulfill your dreams. It,s way tough outside the US, in countries were kids are being slaved and woman are being abused. If a person with no papers,no English and no connections can do a better job than you, then you should feel sorry about yourself no matter what pigmentation you wear. Let,s go back to basics or wait, let’s get outraged about you not getting an oscar nomination because between gangs, homo phobics, women abuse and child slavery that should count as abuse and neglect. We as a country should feel obscene about obesity and lack of education when we’re offer better options. Respect your elders, work ethics and educate yourself because in this country is free to go to school. No petty’ no excuses no judgment even while we have to put our head down while you say “”you is” knowing that the statement is incorrect and knowing English is not my first language.


    You have what people call amnesia. Ignorance is not bliss

  69. Your blog is spot on! I would also like to add that nowadays the entitlement mentality is running rampant throughout all of American culture. I understand both points of view in this argument but with age and personal experience I have come to find that it seems the only thing holding back the black community IS the black community.
    I would also like to take a moment to personally address the victim viewpoint of American blacks of there unfair treatment.
    I am a hispanic woman…more specifically I am also a lesbian. Through my experience EVERYBODY is treated with some sort of disdain and unfairness unless they are a rich, white male and even then Im sure they face some sort of prejudices due to every sort of minority being angry with them.
    I grew up lower middle class…both my direct ancestors of hispanic and Italian heritage coming to america between 1920s and 40s. Both sides came with NOTHING but hope of a better life like many cultures and families do. I had no slave trade profits to inherite although by reading responses on blogs like this and through the black ignorance I have encountered in real life most blacks would assert since my skin isnt black I am somehow their enemy rolling around in piles of cash like scrooge mcduck.
    News flash there are millions of poor people who arent black. There have been many times either in direct conversation or by a passerby that a black person has assumed that im wealthy or financially better off then them and that couldnt be further from the truth…that assumption not only offends me but is RACIST. I have been called bitch and dyke and hundreds of other names…i too have been pulled over and harrassed by cops..many times drivibg through black neighborhoods being pulled over..i must have been looking to score huh …one time even being detained …i am covered in tattoos …the officers must have stereotyped ne or because i am an obvious lesbian wanted to harass me i guess im to assume.
    Unfortunately cops are actually taught to stereotype people and certainly not just black people and they do it because it actually is effective because like it or not stereotypes exist for a reason.
    When i had short hair for the better part of a decade both white and black women would hassle me in public bathrooms…” hey this is the womans bathroom sir” umm yeah i can read and im pretty sure i kno wats in between my legs but thanks.
    I mean i really could go in here about all the bullshit i have put up with being a gay woman but this would be the longest response ever…
    Moving on…as a teenager and young adult i made some really shitty choices…f!%%:ing up school…dropping out of college not once but twice…incurring so much debt i claimed bankruptcy in my mid 20s…walking out on jobs…looking back the only f#!$ up i seemed to have avoided was having a gaggle of illegitimate children.
    There is no fate but what we make and MOST definitely here in America.
    Im poor right now with bad credit and a shitty job and car livibg with my mom because
    I made bad decisions. ..its that simple and i recognize that.
    Most non blacks errr whites and those other minorities could give 2 s!!#s if you are black…its irrelavent honestly …this is 2016…does racism exist …sure…it always will…everybody has prejudices. Unfortunately in my experience its primarily been black people who are the most racist in this day and age.
    Its funny because i see this most prevalent in the gay community as well but blacks segregate themselves and have a need to maintain their differences and culture however poisonous it is …they aggressively seek to constantly keep themselves different…sadly it seems i cannot have a conversation with a black person where their race isnt inserted into any topic of discussion. people seem to do it too( for that very reason most gay people annoy me as well.)
    Most black people i do have discussions with or blacks that are my friends make SWEEPING generalizations about white america to which most is just not true. Nobody is out to get black people more than anybody else…everybody nowadays especially those aged 40 or younger is just a completely morally devoid horrible human…i say this being in my mid thirties. Everybody thinks the world revolves around them…is annoyingly selfish…has no sort of decency and is looking for some sort of handout is will not admit ANY sort of personal responsibility.
    I can honestly say though due to all of the minority playing cards and kid glove treatment that black americans now recieve these days no group of people acts more entitled than them. And once again this is based on my general perception and the fact that my gf and i live in a black neighborhood of one of Americas largest cities ( and yes they call my gf snoball and harass her) …no group of people these days is ruder, more ignorant, selfish, malicious and yes RACIST than blacks.

    Black Americans are hurting themselves and need to wake up!

    I really admire your courage for being a black woman and bringing this topic to light and speaking with such intelligence. I dont understand why such blacks that act entitled like this continue to assert they should not have to adapt to white culture.
    It is not about that…getting an education, not breaking the law, sustaining employment, maintaining healthy relationships and supporting ones children shouldnt be considered “white culture.” it should be considered acting as a civillized, productive member of society that shouldnt be defined as a race but that of humanity.

    I understand that american blacks were stripped of their culture and roots and that is a terrible thing and i understand why there would be resentment for that on some level BUT why would you choose to create a culture compleyely opposite … A culture of continued poverty, lawlessness, unemployment..devoid of any family values just for the sake of being different?

    I honestly do not see a change in my lifetime but i do hope that someday blacks will achieve the level of self respect they should have…to just quit this bs and realize the sky really is the limit.

  70. The Emancipation Proclamation was in 1863, not 1865, as the author wrote.

  71. Very well written article. You are on point. I’m a white woman married to a Guatemalan man and we have 6 beautiful children with whom we raise to respect everyone. We live in a primarily black neighborhood for almost 10 years now, we have 5 more years to go until the home is paid for and we can purchase our dream home and rent this one. I have a job that allows me to work from home so I can take the kids to school and pick them up as well as be here for them in the mornings and after school. My husband leaves for work at 7am every day and will take side jobs on the weekends so we can try to get this house paid in full. I’m my direct neighborhood I would say 95% are African American, out of that 95% only one man, just one household works. All of my neighbors are using food stamps and welfare to support their families. A hand full of them drive a nicer car than I do? I talk to all of my neighbors and I hear the same story all the time. There aren’t any jobs, people don’t hire blacks, nothing lays well etc… There is one kid, Bubba, he is 26 and lives with his grandmother. Bubba talks to me all the time and he’s always exhausted, just so tired all the time? I always ask him, what did you do today to make you so tired? He says, nothing I just didn’t sleep well… I constantly tell Bubba to look for a job and tell him he needs to work, he says he’s applied for a few places, but never got a call back so he gave up? I told him he needs to call and Pester the people, I told him he’s to lazy and when he tells me he is tired it irritates me because I work full time and take care of 6 kids. I walk every night and in my walking ventures I found 4 houses that need a regular lawn guy to cut the grass, I thought how perfect for Bubba because he’s always complaining about not having any money. So when I told him he said no thanks, that’s to hard to mow lawns?? Pure laziness

  72. Great article….full of truth

    • Oh well, the truth hurts. It’s time to feel it and absorb it. Breathe it in. And stop lying about shit to make yourself feel better. I love this sista. You definitely do not have the slave/entitlement/self-loathing mentality. Keep keeping it 100% no matter no matter how it hurts.

    • Not your problem alert! Can people please not comment if your family lineage does not include any slaves. Thank You. This article is only addressing Americans who were descendants of slaves in America. Thank You.

  73. I just want let you know the Emancipation Proclamation was declared in 1863.

  74. As an African American male I agree 100%. I too have a bi-racial child and I get asked the same questions, oh you only date white women? no, but I do only date women, lol.

  75. I agree with some of these things being said but unfortunately I cant take it too seriously because it was written by asell out. If you chose a white man just because you think all black men are thugs and want white women, you’re just as bad as the blacks you were talking about

  76. Thanks for your insight. What I must say are the following:

    1. Victimhood is passed down from generation to generation with SOME (NOT ALL) Black Americans. What comes to mind are epigenetics and quantum physics.
    2. Because of the issues we have in our community, it is imperative that healing of the Black American community has to take place at the subconscious. But UNFORTUNATELY it is considered white people’s stuff to seek out mental health services in the Black American community. So how can we all heal? The Black church cannot do the job alone.
    3. As you are already aware, your stating of the issues in the Black American community is going to fall on death ears with some of the race because there are those who don’t believe we have any problems.
    4. I don’t know why this is, but as you stated about the glorification of thug mentality, disrespect of women (especially Black) and even more often than not, severe bullying of Black Americans who are not the negative stereotypes is something that is acceptable and normalized.

    Sigh. I hope things will get better in the Black American community in the mindsets becoming conscious and result in becoming evolved. But unfortunately dear sister, I have little hope it will because the resistance to change due to the fear of losing one’s culture (a.k.a. identity) and fear of being considered white.

    Thanks again and keep speaking your mind.

  77. Please let’s link up. I too am called a coon and Uncle Tom. Why? Because I think like Malcolm X.

    Holla at me.

  78. Very well written and well thought out. Everything written is the truth. The sky is the limit if you choose to apply yourself.

  79. Thank you. If I, as a white person, say this, I am considered racist. Yet, you said it all very well. I see the slave mentality and the entitlement mentality in my community of predominantly African American individuals. The more that I research all of this to get a better understanding of attitudes and behaviors, the more that I see that I am on track with exactly what I am observing.


    Kuuleme, great read. You articulated yourself very well. I’m working on my bachelor’s for nursing and I have to write a paper about family nursing and a movie analysis on a family. I chose Madea’s Family Reunion. I feel slave/entitlement mentality was a theme in the movie. I’m going to quote you in my paper, and properly reference you of course! Thank you for your insight and perspective.

  81. EITHER WAY, HOUSE OR FIELD …Its says ,,,,SLAVE.Your rightist AND the ppl you speak of as if you are different,form a social class that is the rear guard of the CAPTIALIST SOCIETY.No do not think that IM A COMMUNIST OR SOCALIST.LOL.THE LEFT AND THE RIGHT ARE BOTH BI POLAR BECAUSE OF YOUR disrespect but your perceptions are not fully conservative or liberals are..the RIGHT ANNNNDDD LEFT ARE OPPOSITE EXTREMES of the same system.AND BLACKS AND NIGGAS are bookends on the same shelf…slaves.BLACK IS the legal term for NIGGA and you all debate as is your humanity?Africans base their measurement of a person on their character not externalities.

  82. Very sad but overall true article well thought out. Two comments. Many blacks say that eubonics is “their” language. From what I have learned, it was derived from the plantations white straw boss. This usually white manager of the plantation was an uneducated and sometimes cruel manager. He was almost always an uneducated person who used terms such as done been, he be, etc, and to compound this ignorance slaves were not allowed to read and attain an education. So eubonics was a poor white man’s language.
    To a degree it is a white world when it comes to work. As our society becomes more technical, it requires more and more education and along with that, a clean cut professional appearance.
    How to turn it around? You are your own driver and you are the only one who can change your life.
    Jim Compto

  83. Nathaniel Williams

    These were great comments about the small percentage it African Americans who think that way. Now please talk about the 60+ percent of them who are seriously making a great living and enjoying being part of the middle class and are attending Ivy League colleges and are quietly living the American dream. There are quite a few of us, like my family and extended family, who have worked hard to make it. My family includes educators, engineers, auto executives, auto workers, a patent office official and a navy code expert. My son attended (and now works at) a charter school that’s run by a family that boasts 8 (yes 8) doctorate degrees. Most live in the city of Detroit. “We” would like equal time. Thank you.

    Sincerely, Nathaniel Williams

  84. I’m interested in what people were googling when they came across this article. This read made me feel better because it reminds me I’m not alone in my views. I have always been given a hard time since a child because I refused to play follow the leader. Which is just my sarcastic way of saying you have to do say and act like every other black person around you. Fixing the problem HAS TO start at home. The next generation has to be taught differently than the last or the ignorance continues. Mothers need to instill in their daughters family values instead of age appropriateness when it comes to bearing children. Inner city Schools should offer a semester about self esteem and managing your finances. People are quick to judge by saying you should want to do better. Some people don’t know to want better because all they’ve seen is ignorance and it’s considered culturally appropriate. You will always be given strife as a black person from other black people if your considered “to white”. I personal feel your insulting yourself whenever any ethnicity uses this term. Your basically saying you believe the only people capable of speaking articulate, having different political views and making financial decisions based on priorities are white people. Don’t destroy your children by forcing them to accept everything around them as the norm. Want more for them and encourage them to break the cycle

  85. IT IS WHAT IT IS because itzallconnected. When every thing is taken from you, EveryThing is owed to you. Balance is the key. Learn More About The All-of-it.

  86. I understand completely what you are saying. I have many times felt the same way. I am an African American male and I have experienced my share of discrimination, but I also believe in personal responsibility, but at the same time I do believe that the conditions that exist today within the African American community as a whole,did not not completely originate with the African American community. It is in some cases the biproduct of Generations of oppression and racism. Yes we as African Americans are responsible for our choices but White America did not create a system of inclusiveness or equality to begin with.

  87. Nice article, but to pretend white people had nothing to do with this is just not accurate. Furthermore, black people are owed something in this country. We were stripped away of the wealth that we contributed too. If our ancestors were given wealth from the hard labor (put it mildly) they did, and the contributions to this society we wouldn’t today be living in the hoods. Black people are given nothing but the hood (for most part) and only way out is to work extremely hard, much harder then our white counterparts and u know what yes black people have made it 🤔 but if my momma was never taught to teach about credit, how cud she teach her own kid. So because my ancestors were stripped of an education that white people had a 400+ year head start on, why not have black schools be top notch instead of the horrible conditions of the schools and communities we live in, we shouldn’t expect that… black people are treated like animals so please let’s not be surprised that is exactly how we behave. The drugs u speak of, let’s not pretend white people didn’t flood the neighborhoods with this in the 70s when Civil Rights was new. Stop acting like white people HAVEN’T ALWAYS put up barriers in the way of black success. Political views are one thing, but closing a blind eye is something else.

    Black people do need to realize that the government who stole everything including our indentities have no plan on doing right by us, and that we will have to work that extra mile to not only be better then other whites but better then other blacks which will continue to perpetuate this slave mentality because there will never be enough opportunity for every black who even works hard to make it… Not unless real change is done in this country… So while I do not disagee with you here I won’t say you are correct.. your argument leaves out decency, of the human kind. The state of the African American should be a national crisis. Been going on far longer then opioids that is now affecting white communities. When crack was doing far worse to blacks no body cared, because that was the design… Plz do not pretend not to know. Instead of standing on the side that calls blacks lazy inspire us teach us.. u cannot expect someone who didn’t have the tools to teach the tools. And white people are the reasons we do not have the tools today. Like u said. Ur grandmother’s Father was a slave…. It wasn’t that many generations ago. White people have the power to help, not becuz we are entitled, but becuz without them it can’t get done… Public opinion is what changes minds and 13 percent of the population is not loud enough. It’s ok to expect whites to speak up and out against the injustices still faced by blacks. It’s ok not to forget the true history of what slavery was. It’s ok to recognize the truth where they exist.

    It’s sad that u are called and uncle Tom but to say that is racism. Racism is a system not an individuals feelings. White superiority is how this country was founded. It is a privilege in this country to be white and there isn’t anything wrong with that, I mean it is, but I mean as Joan Elliot says if your white and graduated HS and aren’t racist u weren’t paying attention in history. U cannot deny the truth in that. Black people can be prejudice but not racist.

    Thank u for ur time

  88. You’ve been called an “Uncle Tom” by some members of your race? I thought because you’re female you have instead been referred to by some members of your race as an “Aunt Jemima”? I’m just stating what I assume to be the facts so therefore I’m not trying to offend you.

  89. Chattel slavery was not begun by Europeans. Anthony Johnson, a former black Angolan indentured servant went to court to enslave a fellow black indentured servant John Casor. Casor was the first black man in America to be enslaved. The word slave comes the word Slav, the slaves of the Romans.

  90. Alot of the problems you speak of are being put in place and forced upon by an institution that sets us up to fail and just because things haven’t happened to you doesn’t mean they don’t exist

    • No one said that they don’t exist. BUT…… The system you speak of is long gone. Most issues today are because Blacks are taught at home that they are going to fail because of the color of their skin from the time they are born. Most excuse personal responsibility and blame it on color when it is actually not the case.

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